Sunday, October 28, 2007

Blogs I read

For someone who's extremely technologically-challenged like me, it took me an absurdly long time to create the Link list to the left side of my blog.

Why did I do so? Because I knew every one of them had, at least on several occasions, talked about something worth talking about and realized that it wouldn't be a waste of time if you checked them out.

Here's a random list of blogs I read.

1- Kuzzin, that is my cousin Iyas. He's older than me in blogging and in reality. His humor is a reflection of a pissed-off state, and he is a lot smarter than what he appears to be. If he wasn't living in Utah I'd think he was drunk while writing every single post of his.

2- Laundry (Pick-ups), that is malaget ghassel. The Internet version of Sharihan, she is very active and creative. Comes up with interesting ideas and interacts wonderfully with all of her readers.

3- Empty Speech, "Haki Fadi" , one thing for sure when you're reading her blog: it's not haki fadi. Casual, open-minded, and welcoming, occasionally tackling serious issues. I sometimes wonder if she's Makadi Nahhas in disguise, her voice is great!

4- The Future Scorsese, that is Jordanian film director Amin Matalqa. Other than him being from Madaba, there are several reasons to like this guy. He is almost done directing the first Jordanian movie in a few decades. He talks about his career with great passion that can make you interested in reading even if you didn't give a shit about movies. He might be better than our national football team in putting Jordan on the world map.

5- Kinzi. An American Jordanian who knows Jordan better than a lot of Jordanians. One thing for sure is that she knows what she's talking about. She talks about women in her environment, about God, about her children and she does care about people with her big heart.
She also knows Arabic pretty well although when she writes it down it's as funny as hell :)

6- Red Shoes. That's Roba's "And Far Away". Arguably the most readable Jordanian blog. A lady who loves life, Amman and family, pretty much like 5% of the Jordanian population. Young but mature, daring but polite, and a geek but has a great taste. Don't insult her red shoes, it's family.

7- Gowaider, that's Qwaider and his planet. It appears that this guy has double the time anyone of us has. He's a hard worker but he writes almost daily and talks about everything and frequently he hits the nail with his entries. He allows people to write in his blog and that's cool.

8- Al Koza7iyyeh al Sawdaa2, that is the Arabic translation of the Black Iris of Nasim Tarawneh. Analytical, knowledgable, fair and cares about his country. Takes people seriously, and so he does with blogging. It's amazing how he's able to come up with interesting subjects to talk about. In the rare occasion when he doesn't, he leaves a poem for Hafiz.

9- Mokh, that is Khalidah's MIND. Her blog is rich, and she discusses the social life in Jordan on different levels. Will wait for her to return to write.

10- Loves Amman, that is Firas' "I heart Amman". Politically incorrect but sharp, doesn't hesitate to say what runs in his mind. You definitely don't have to read between the lines to read him. I would like to see him blog more.

11- Beace, that is Salam's Reflections. A good observer and a brilliant writer when she has time to write.

12- Dandara in the head, that is Natasha Twal Tynes, probably the most professional among all Jordanian bloggers who write in English. Mental Mayhem talks about freedom of the press, women's rights, and Virginia. The discussions that take place in her blog are the best in sphere.

13- Observes stuff, that is Fadi, the Observer. A very liberal blogger who might get physically hurt if he takes his opinions to the street. He has made a small nice world for himself and he easily takes you to it with his emotional writings.

14- Batir Wardam, another professional writer who doesn't usually go with the stream. He gets heavy criticism for a lot of his opinions but that only keeps him writing more and more. Very passionate about his opinions and often very convincing.

15- Sabbah, a blogger who dedicates his time to his people, and a constant reminder that Palestinians are victims. I wish we had more of him.

16- Jordan, I will be back. A very Jordanian blog. Tackles issues related to Jordanians and their lives. Has not blogged in a while though!

17- Hussein, who-sane, proved me and a few others wrong, when the story of the awful treatment his sick father received in a Jordanian hospital got to the press and resulted in sacking of an important official. I was starting to feel that blogging in Jordan was totally useless until this happened. His entries prior to that were also very interesting. He had also met Diego Maradona!

18- Tarmaweel, Lina's Turmoil. She takes you to different spots not only in Jordan but also in other areas of the world. She understands the cultural aspects of a city like Amman more than anyone else. She's vivid in her descriptions and the photos she posts are precious.

19- Tinker, recently added, a blogger who lives in the US and posts interesting stuff.

20- Lubna, her posts can be a very interesting read, especially the long ones!

Finally, I don't have one favorite blogger, and I don't think I ever will. It's like comparing apples and oranges and watermelons. I find in Jordanian blogs a lot of things that I don't find in Jordanian press: Honesty, political incorrectness and grammatical mistakes.
Overall, I think we have a wonderful bunch of blogs. Keeb it ub, Jordan.


Qwaider قويدر said...

Thanks Hareega, coming from someone with your integrity. I find this to be completely flattering
I'm honored

Thank you

kinzi said...

Hareega, you made my list, too. :)
I'm doubly honored, as I am not officially Jordanian, nor married to one. Yabayay, bas shu ba7eb hadol Urdaniyiin, though!!

I should've said my favorite post of yours was when your mom found moldy (what was it? Malfuuf?)yuck in your frig. Or the one about how you don't do laundry, just buy more underwear. :)

I didn't know Iyas was your cousin!! HA! Explains a LOT!

Everyone of those others bloggers are favs of mine too, and I too wish they would post more. That is what makes them great bloggers, though, they are busy being great people in real time.

7aki Fadi said...

Hey Hareega :) I am really flattered you picked my blog! For real, thanks!

Well just ot let you know, your blog is one of 2 blogs that I read from beginning to end back in February, it took me a long time but I did it. You Always add something new and some of your posts, oh man I would be seriuosly laughing to the point of tears.

Thanks again.

Mohanned said...

3la seeret nashmi, begollak el nashmi b meyyeh wel nashmeyyeh b 3o9malleyeh..

Tashakorrat ya basha, but lately I have been busy with school and stuff, but la3yoonak hay sala7'et bost 6aza with a question for doctors..

Roba said...

Hehe, thanks. 5% is always good :P

The Observer said...

Is Iyas behind Jameed?!! Is he the same guy who happened to me my class mate? :)

Cheers to him to his blog.

I am glad I made it among those great bloggers. Thanks..

Hareega said...

Qwaider... you're welcome

Kinzi... I know I saw that! Great Arabic

7aki fadi... you're welcome yakhti, hope you didn't regret reading all of that.

mohannad... thank you khayyo, I answered your question and i'm sure it wasn't satosfactory

Roba... you're welcome, 5% is better than nothing!

Observer... I'm pretty sure he asked the same question about you, but yes he is

tinkerbella said...

omg, i made your list!! and im on your blogroll!!
wow..i am flattered!
i actually just discovered your blog, and was on the floor laughing about you trying to buy testicles from walmart (EEEEW btw!!!) ... am currently reading your older posts
you have an AWESOME blog!!!

Beace said...

Thanks, Hareega for your nice words!! Actually, nowadays I have all the time in the world to blog..but nothing to say!!

Nas said...

"It's amazing how he's able to come up with interesting subjects to talk about. In the rare occasion when he doesn't, he leaves a poem for Hafiz."

loool you are by far, the funniest jordanian blogger

Firas said...


I'm really happy to read this, especially coming from my favorite blogger.
And you're right, I'm politically incorrect, I mean Shaneena still kicks Jameed's ass! I heart Shaneena.

asoom said...

Nice List! I think I just 'discovered' a couple of new blogs thanks to your list.

Hareega said...

tinker, nas, beace, firas and asoom... thanks a lot for checking

Who-sane said...

Thanks Hareega! It's an honor buddy. Hopefully I'll get back to blogging soon :-)

Hareega said...

Ok Hussain, will be waiting

Mala2e6 said...

i missed all this?
thanks hareega you r one of my favorite bloggers too i wont miss anything u write..ya3ni law ba3d saneh I will come back and read what i missed

i didnt have the chance to write a list.


Hareega said...

mala2e6 you're welcome, keep up the good work

Lubna said...

i'm so sorry for being so late in here, i just read it. I haven't checked on blogs for quite sometime now, got carried away with school after il eid.

Thanks for mentioning me :)I liked it.

i'll go to reading the rest of the posts i missed.

Haitham Sabbah said...

Thanks Hareega. I just saw this post of yours, my bad.

Most of the blogs you listed are in my favourite list too.

Happy blogging ;-)