Saturday, October 06, 2007


Have you noticed that we, Jordanians, tend to throw a lot of food in the trash?

We fill our dishes with plenty of food that ends up thrown away?

Most of the manasef served in traditional weddings gets thrown away.

This was just a quick observation.... in a nation where more people are getting hungry.



secratea said...

wallahi 7aram.. it really is a waste.
Nowadays i notice that at the local mosque I break my fast at. We have daily iftar's there which is awesome. But it really gets me when i see the amount of food women and children put in their plates, to throw most of it in the trash! wallahiii 7aram!
And guess what? It is mostly the Arabs who do that (trust me, you'd never see a Malasian, Indonesian, Pakistani, Albanian.. etc doing that)

Hani Obaid said...

Indeed, we do have a lot of food left over, but we always give it away rather than throw it. The building guard is always too happy to take it, and he shares it with the guards from the other buildings.

Asoom said...

ummmm...."we, Jordanians" should be changed to "we, most of the citizens of the world"

Deemco said...

I hate it when people throw away food. 7aram, others are starving. We give away food. El7amdulillah we have regulars who pass by our house and ask for food. And whenever we have people over for dinner or something and lots of food is leftover we call this charity and they come to the house and pick up anything you give them. It's great!

Hareega said...

secratea, i agree it's more Arabs who do it than other people

yes in jordan too our buliding keeper would be delighted to have the leftovers, we later realized he was delighted to visit our house when we were out of it and spend some nice time with our maid :D

asoom it's more Arabs than others, at least thats what i've noticed in the US

deemoco... good for u