Thursday, November 08, 2007

Champions of Arabia

For the first time in 22 years, we are the Arab champions in basketball after defeating Egypt 80-69 in Alexandria.

The last time we won, we had Murad Barakat, his brother Hilal, Samir Morqos, Yousef Zaghlol, Yanal Qannash and a few others (feel free to drop their names if you remember).

Just like most sport teams, I liked the old team more. They were a bunch of hard working players who have played together for more than a decade, with a fantastic teamwork. Yet they were very simple and they played only for the game. I don't think any of them made a single ta3reefeh from playing basketball.

But now we have a great team , good job!


Abu Shreek said...

as much as i hate to be a half glass empty kind of person, and not to undermine the accomplishment, let's just keep in mind the following:

-The teams competing for the title were not only weak, they were miserable in every sense of the word. only Egypt was half decent and relied on two players: one overweight and past his prime and the other completely disinterested in playing.

Our team:
Rasheim Wright: Naturalized american.
Sam Daghlas, Anver Shawabsoogh,Jamal Maaytah, Islam and Zaid Abbass...expats who were lured into playing for Jordan.
Zaid Alkhass and wissam al souss are the two only players who contributed who are fully-Jordanian. with all due respect to everyone carrying the passport.

Over the past 7 years there has not been a SINGLE decent player developed.the game lost its fan base and even its playing base among youngsters.

Which brings up the philosophical questions: is athletics all about boasting about winning semi-competitive titles, or about having a sport where the whole country loves and plays ....leading to it being a dominant international force.
If its about the titles, go with the Qatari model and naturalize five American players and win everything in sight while al ahli, al wihdat, and al jazeera cancels the game from their clubs.....oh they did already,

Hareega said...

abu shreek, waaaaaal ya zalameh wain hal ghaibeh!!
Anyway man nothing pisses me off more than having naturlized players like the case with Wright, it's a total insult to me as a Jordanian to have our citizinship given to someone who barely relates to the country in any way just to play basketball.

I didn't know that al JAzeera cancelled baksetball, that is horrible, ya zalameh from the day clubs named "Arena" and "Fast Link" came out ana golt 3ayyadat

Anonymous said...

Big it up Abu Shreek. I hope that your me7neh ends and you are able to write in your blog again. I am certain that there are ways to write from anywhere!!
Sorry Hareega, the 1985 team were composed of Marwan Ma3tooq, who cried later to Almeady when they lost to Syria by the egyptian referee just during the Gulf crisis. Marwan, had aplay mate who looks like him but with less hair gel ?? and the shrtish play maker whose name keeps slipping from my tongue , Jehad..?

Hareega said...

yes marwan ma3touq, and Jehad Saliba, he was a doctor