Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Crazy in white

We have a psychiatry unit inside our hospital.
It's always locked to prevent patients from leaving. Whenver a doctor is done seeing a patient the employee at the front desk unlocks the door for him.

I have a patient there whom I'm seeing because he's HIV positive. Whenever I'm done seeing him and I'm about to leave, the employee at the front desk asks me for my ID to make sure I'm not a patient attempting to run away. He doesn't ask other doctors for their IDs.

I thought that employee had a problem with me. However, today they had a new one at he fron desk and he did ask me for my ID before I left the unit to make sure I'm not a patient.
Other doctors leave without being IDs.

It feels great when you realize that your co-workers believe that you're really crazy.


Lubna said...

lol ma3lesh sho tsawi...
next time act like your one so the ID showing would be worth it;)

Hareega said...

yeah but I forgot the ID I'd be locked in for three months

tinkerbella said...

LOOOOL...thats funny!
I'm sure your coworkes don't think you're crazy, just that you could be :P but life is more fun that way sa7 ;)

asoom said...

how about you try to coordinate exiting with another doctor at the same time so that way you're theory of prejudice can be proven-if they ask you and not the other doc for ID instead of you both show ID or you both pass;then you can have a reason to go all crazy on them!

Hareega said...

tinker some of them do think i'm crazy i'm even glad they didn't lock me in

asoom that is a very long way to go, but i can just crazy on them for no reason they're psychiatrists they're used to it