Saturday, November 10, 2007

A toilet question

I was walking in the hallway, a cardiologist (heart doctor) stopped me.

"Can I get HIV just by sitting on a toilet seat?"
"NO", I answered
"Even if an HIV positive person was sitting on it before me?"
"You still won't get it"
"Even if the seat was not cleaned?"
"No, you still won't get it, you won't"

He looked at me unconvinced.
I told him, "Well if you weren't going to get convinced you shouldn't have asked me!"
"Well I don't know....", he said.
I started to get pissed. Those cardiologists think they know everything.
I looked again at him and said, "You won't get HIV unless you sit on the seat before that person gets up."

He turned away and kept walking. I'm pretty sure he was now convinced.


7aki Fadi said...

Your answer is perfect. lol

secratea said...

loooooooooool hareega.. jawabak jad hareega.. nahfeh enta! :D

jameed said...

still, the chances of contracting HIV in the situation you describe is minimal.

يجب أن يدخل بهاااااااااااااا

Dave said...

A perfect answer. Not necessarily clinical, but as long as it's convincing and puts an end to stupid answers.

I hate it when people ask me for answers when their mind is already made up.

Salamonti said...

bas wala3 3eeb a doc and dont know such a thing! allah i3inak doctori

Anonymous said...

hmm , well , what if the person with the HIV was bleeding from the ass , and the guy who sat after him had a small cut on his leg and SOMEHOW the blood of the infected guy got into the other guy's blood ?? hmm , didn't think of that now did you ???

tinkerbella said..., a CARDIOLOGIST asks such a stupid question!
answer was pricess tho, LOL

Hareega said...

anonymous, you have to explain how that "somehow" occurs because the answers depends on it.

Even if this was brief touching of blood HIV won't get transmitted.

Hareega said...

tinkerbella, don't think too high of cardiologist, remember they are specilaized in a muscle smaller than my fist

Avery said...

Cardiologists are good in their own field. I don't want to generalise but there are some who can be very absentminded. It's funny how some don't know which blood container tube to use when sending a specimen asking to investigate endocarditis by Haemophilus influenzae.
oh, and highly infective HIV person still can't transmit it, the virus is very weak and will probably die before you even touch the seat. the problem is more likely to be his Hep C.

Anonymous said...

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Hani Obaid said...

A. I can't believe a cardiologist doesn't already know this.
B. Great answer.

I remember in college we had a class about propoganda, and the teacher wanted to show AIDS was being treated as a pandemic which he thought was excessive.

He brought in an article from JAMA with statistics that showed even when a man with HIV has sex with an uninfected women the chance of infection is a small fraction.

Can't remember how much now but it was tiny. So if its that hard to transfer during sex, it must be impossible with toilet seats, kissing etc... Of course you can still get other stuff !