Monday, November 12, 2007

Rumble in the Jungle!

You gotta love it when leaders start yelling at each other, it's just a reminder to nations that they're human and not gods.

Here's the latest from yesterday, where Hugo Chavez of Venezuela heavily criticized ex-Spanish prime minister Aznar calling him a fascist. The current Spanish prime minister wanted to respond in defence of Aznar but Chavez wasn't listening, until a man in the middle sitting on the table yelled at Chavez, "Por que no te callas" , which translates to "Why don't you shut up?"
That man in the middle was Spain's king Carlos.

Here's the clip


Can't forget the "Yel3an Abu Sharbak" argument between Izzat Al Douri and Kuwait's prince before the 2003 war started.


Abdullah of KSA and Qadhafi fighting


Jordan is not much better, wish there were some "Klashins" in there!!


This Jordanian cat fight is nothing close to what might happen in India's Parliament!


IF you were going to boycott the elections, you might have changed your mind by now. If you think whoever will be elected will be politically corrupt, you might wanna vote for who can come up with the best "action".


Qwaider قويدر said...

There's that one of the Japanese cabinet and the flying shoes. If you can add it to this Amazing list

Too bad the Toujan faisal and the coffee saucer isn't video taped!

asoom said...

awesome post! yes of course don't forget about our east asian buddies.

صقر said...

يمكن لو العبادي مش لابس فستان كان وصله أسرع، بعدين عطية ماشاء الله خلال ثانية كان شالح الجكيت وصار في نص الحلبة.

Hareega said...

Qwaider.. too late now!

asoom, thanks a lot

Sager... Ah wallah sheklo 3atiyyeh met3awed , 3endko khebra!

sager said...

3afwan meen gasdak bi 3endko ya3ni il ko 3a2ideh 3ala meen bil dabt.

Hareega said...

oops meant to say "3endo", el k bel ghalat , sorry

sager said...

No problem, I had a feeling it was a mistake. Thank you.