Sunday, November 25, 2007

Up and Down

Many patients, when they get very sick, ask to see a priest. We have a nice priest in the hospital , Faher John. We call him when necessary.
Although people associate religious men with many things, I associate Father John with death. Whenever I see him in a patient's room I know this patient is going to die sometime soon and usually I'm right.
Yesterday I stepped inside the elevator in our hospital and was about to go up. I was a little bit nervous because this elevator has been broke for a week, I pushed the button up.

I saw Father John standing standing just outside the elevator. He waved at me and said, "Hey doctor, are you going up or down?"

"I'm going up Father"

The elevator was closing, but just before it did he smiled at me and pointed his finger upwards, saying, "it's always good to go up" then he looked up.
The elevator went up and started shaking, and I really thought I was going up, way up.

Anyway I'm still down now, I hope to stay down for a while!


the guy who knows a pigeon called frank said...

that's quite freaky..

caroline said...

I think u shouldn't have been scared bec u saw a priest before u went up! but elevators can be so scary esp. when they make any sort of noise or abnormal movement.anyways i guess it is always better if it is going up and not coming down, that is if u want to look at the upside:)

Hareega said...

pigeon-frank... it was

caroline... ya sheikha it wasn't any priest, it was THAT particular priest, I like him but because of him working in the hospital he's seeing many patients who are dying so when he talks to me I feel like I'm next, and when he points up and tells me it's better to go up I freak out!

Sam said...

*LOL* that is so funny...elevators freak me out when they make noises..well at least he didnt go in with you eh?

ola said...

lool!! Creepy

The Observer said...

That was a sign! lol

Anonymous said...

lol al7amdella 3al salameh.

Hareega said...

sam , no he didn't he went upstairs on his own :)

Batoul Alla ysalmek

Observer, ola thanks for reading

HS said...

that's hilarious!
man! i came across your blog in the most bizarre way! i was completely bored and was searching for "sawsan tuffaha" which led me to your blog, and on further reading i reached this post!
you're a real funny man, hareega!

Hareega said...

Well thanks HS for checking out the blog,
our of curiousity,why were you googling Sawsan's Tuffaha?

HS said...

Well, I am looking for a video clip of her to show it to a Sawsan that I know, who hasn't heard of Ms Tuffaha before, and hasn't been introduced to the fine art of news anchoring yet! I thought there must be a clip on YouTube, but there weren't any so I tried google and found your post which was pretty amusing! :P. still looking for a video clip though!

Hareega said...

hs, the clips about Jordanian events/people are very much lacking unfortunately !

there's a guy on youtube by username hanisafi1966 who keeps dowloading clips from old shows on Jordanian and Syrian TVs, some of them are gold!