Saturday, November 17, 2007

Do these men scare you?

As for me, yes I do feel uncomfortable staying for too long around men who look like the men above. However, I do not have the right to judge them as criminals who deserve to serve time in jail.
The man with the red Hatta over his head was one of the last three Jordanians released from Guantanamo last week.
Guantanamo is a very sad story, and it's the best example that America today is different from America in the pre-Bush era. Hundreds of Arabs/Muslims were shipped to the prsion there, just for being suspects. Many innocent people have been detained and were later released without any compensations. The three men above were among those.
Among the hundreds of prisioners there, there are probably quite a few who might be guilty of cooperating with Al Qaeda or at least hiding information that could have prevented 9/11. They deserve a very long time in jail. On the other hand there are plenty of innocent people who were detained for no valid reason and we were not given the very basic rights that any serial killer would get in the US. Some of them were shipped by the US to countries that will torture even kill them without a trial.
This detorioration in human rights INSIDE the US is very worrisome not only for American, but also for all the people who live outside America who were impressed by the rights every American has. Even those who completely opposed the US international policy (and many of them were Americans), they always hoped for their citicizens to have the same freedoms that an person living inside the US had.
America is a different country now...
Here's a reality check by Bill Maher


sharifo said...

very sad...but true
but the good part that...the stereotype that the US is wonderland is so dead now...its just a hypocratic sick country...witha lot of money :P

Qwaider قويدر said...

When you look at that video, just remove the word "US" and replace it with "Arab" or "Muslim"

And it would also be true!

I love bill maher!

Avery said...

When I first look at them, they don't scare me at all. I actually feel good and relaxed. People who look like these two are manifested in many many jordanians and muslims world-wide. some of my teachers and people I knew and trusted from my childhood look like them. It's wrong to generalise.

Avery said...

Oh, and I also adore Cat Stevens, or Yusef Islam. Especially when he walked the red carpet looking exactly like them. Isn't he awesome, with a great voice too.

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