Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I had a clinic this afternoon. As with most HIV clinics, a lot of patients didn't show up.

I opened the Internet Explorer. I typed in my blog.
The first entry of course the previous one, with Hillary's picture on the front.

The specialist walks in.
"Hey you like seeing Hillary's cleavage don't you?"
"No it's just her picture"
"But you wanna see her cleavage don't you?"
"No actually there's no cleavage in this picture"

He laughed and walked away.

One minute later the lovely and elderly nurse who overheard everything walked in.
"Hey Doc, if really want great pictures of naked women I can tell you how to get them."

I know they were all kidding but I am realizing how easy it is to get a reputation of doing something when you're totally not guilty.

Anyway , gotta go now to have dinner with farting Jeff and slutty Nancy.


Qwaider قويدر said...

Sa77tain Doc!

secratea said...

loooooool.. what do you think?? this is how most gossip starts and rumors spread... somebody hears something and purposefully ignores the context.. adding a bit of spices, then delivering it in a latest version doesn't hurt, la2? :D

mab3oos said...

slutty Nancy ha? So you do like Cleavage.

Ziad d. said...

So which sounds better for you: Horny Hareega or Filthy Fares? :)

Maher said...

LoL @ ZIAD!!! add say filthy! So funny!

tinkerbella said...

man you are too funny!

Hareega said...

Qwiader... 3a galbak

secratea... I know I've done that quite a few times to others, it's great fun

maf3oos.. not more than you do

Ziad... can't make up my mind both names sound great!