Sunday, September 25, 2005

Shit!!! I can't work for 37 hours a day anymore!

During my last call 3 days ago, I worked from 6 am till 7 pm the day after,
that sums up to 37 consecutive hours of work, with no sleep at all, and very little rest (includes sitting on chairs while talking to patients).

When I was ready to leave at 7 pm, the chief resident stopped me ....

"Hey Feres, man you know the rules, nobody is allowed to work more than 30 consecutive hours. You've worked for 37, please don't break the rules next time. You can ask for help next time we'll be more than happy to help you out"

I apologized for breaking the rules and thanked him for his offer.

this is hilarious!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

"Tres" goals.... "Tres" joli

Lyon of France gave Real Madrid with its stars (Roberto Carlos, Beckham, Helguera, and el shabb il jdeed 3al sa7a Robinho) a lesson in what football is and thrashed them 3-0, even missing a penalty which could have made it 4-0.

All goals were scored in the first half, after which Lyon played comfortably to finish the game with an outstanding victory.

Real Madrid spent hundreds of millions of dollars to get the best players in the world, yet they haven't won any championship last year.

Teamwork rules!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Kuotes on Katrina!

"As you know, FEMA stands for 'Fix Everything My Ass.'" --Jay Leno

"Congress announced a plan to rename the Gulf of Mexico. They want to call it Persian Gulf 2 in hopes that President Bush would send troops there faster." --Jay Leno

"President Bush sent Vice President Dick Cheney to New Orleans. Is that what they need down there? Another person requiring emergency medical help?" --Jay Leno

"Today President Bush asked if his visit to the hurricane zone would count toward the service time he still owes the National Guard." -Jay Leno

"Although the waters have receded from New Orleans, it's still a huge, huge problem and will be for months to come. You see the fresh water is contaminated with oil and gas. Actually, from Dick Cheney's perspective, the oil and gas is contaminated with fresh water." -Jay Leno

"Even President Bush, almost a week later, President Bush said his administration's response to Katrina was unacceptable. Then he said 'Hey, don't blame me, I was on vacation.'" --Jay Leno

"This week there's going to be a New Orleans benefit concert in Madison Square Garden featuring Elton John, Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks. Apparently, their plan to save New Orleans is to send it back to the '70s" -Conan O'Brien

"Big announcement today from FEMA. They say they believe a big hurricane has hit New Orleans. They can't confirm it." -Jay Leno

"Michael Brown, the head of FEMA, has been relieved of his command. He has been asked to return to Washington immediately. He is expected to arrive in about a week. He had a good excuse, though. He said he thought freezing in the face of national crisis made him look presidential." —Bill Maher

"Everyone is still talking about Hurricane Katrina. Experts say it could take 80 days to drain all of the flood water out of New Orleans. When President Bush heard this he said, '80 days, that’s half a vacation.'" --Conan O'Brien

"President Bush is about to end his five week vacation. He's now spent twenty percent of his presidency on vacation. Compared to Clinton who spent twenty percent of his presidency on an intern." --David Letterman

Sunday, September 11, 2005

The very big mistake

We always complain that Arabs can't think, can't plan and can't have good teamwork.

This time, they thought and planned well, worked together and didn't waste their money on women or cars, but sadly enough all that resulted in a disaster.

On 9/11 a horrible crime was comitted in our name, and since then we've been paying the price, because those terrorist have lived among us, received their teachings in our countries and have been supported by many of our governments.

Since that day we are being treated differently wherever we go even at our countries. Any 3 or 4 Arabs living together are looked upon as a potential "Hamburg cell", any donation to an Arabic or Islamic charity organization is suspetced as a support for a terroris organization, any regular Arab looking for a study or work opprtunity in America or Europe has to go thru so much to prove that he is going there to study and not kill, to work and help people and not waste their lives.

With the images of people burning and jumping and with the buldings falling down, a lot of our dreams and ambitions have been destroyed, and now we have to start again, from ground zero.

Murder He Wrote

Every while and then, I remember the life of an old Arabian poet who lived over 1800 years ago and was called Tarfah Ben el Abd. He was asked by the King , Amr bin Kalthoom, to come to his palace and narrate stories and poetry praising him. Once Tarfah arrived to the King's palace, he was stunned by the beauty of the queen,Bin Kalthoom's wife.

Tarfah couldn't hide his great admiration of the queen's beauty and described her beauty in a poetry he was making on the spot. The King was not happy and decided to kill Tarfah, but didn't want to do it right away so people wouldn't rage against him for killing a popular poet at that time.

What the King did is write a short letter... "Kill the one holding this letter" and he handled this letter it to Tarfah, and told him to go to Bahrain and meet its leader there and give him this closed letter, and he'll reward him for the great poetry he just wrote.

Tarfah kept the letter closed and headed south, and on his way to Bahrain he stopped by a house of 3 sisters and he told them the story and asked them to stay at their house for rest. While he was sleeping, the sisters (acting like all women hehehe) couldn't resist but open the letter. They were shocked by its content, and they told Tarfah about it.

What did Tarfah do?

He closed the letter, continued on his way and met the Bahraini leader over there, and handled him his own death sentence. The Bahraini leader had no option but to kill Tarfah and yes he did.

Honesty has caused Tarfah his life. He knew his fate and could have avoided it, yet chose not to be dishonest even if it was going to save his life.

I keep remembering this story whenever I see any Arab leader getting 99% plus of votes, or extending his leadership for a 7th or 8th term or swearing by his 40 wives' lives from a casino in vegas that all his life is dedicated to his poor illeterate people, because honesty is lacking from the people who should have been teaching it to us. We barely have leaders who tell us the truth about themselves and their decisions, about their mistakes and mishapes, without worrying about the consequences of their honesty.

Maybe it's just that the last honest Arab has died 1800 years ago and we have to accept who we have now.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I miss this man, so much

Milad Abbasi

Jordan's goalkeeper for 15 years (1978 -1993)
Always there for the team, never played for money or fame
now lives in Chicago, runs a grocery store.

Habeeleh, Habeeeleh, Habeeeeeeeeeleh

علمت "العربية.نت" من مصادر مطلعة أن رجل الأعمال السعودي طارق الجفالي قد فسخ خطوبته من هيفاء وهبي.
وأكدت المصادر للعربية.نت أن الجفالي أقدم على هذه الخطوة بسبب "ضغوطات عائلية" تعرض لها.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Blog Day is pathetic

3108 is the Blog Day because "it looks like the word blog"

The one who observed that 3108 looks like BloG is smart
the idea to make it the Blog DAy is a horrible one. That idea suits someone who's 5 years old.

If you wanna have a Blog Day and want it to be remembered, we can choose the day thast the first blog was ever made, or the day a blogger was arrested for what he wrote, or we can come up with other ideas.