Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rattle Snake in Jordan

A huge 2.5 meter- snake has been around for years in a little Irbid town, scaring kids and their parents , sneaking quietly (like a snake) from one house to another


one day.....

this lady....

no one else but this lady....

the 80-year old Samya Moosa Al-Alwaneh

said enough is enough....

and she f-king murdered the snake with her own bare hands.

I bet you half of Shmesani girls will pass out just by looking at the picture.

Shukran Khalti Samya, shu tabkha 3al ghada el yoom? he3 he3 he3

Monday, April 19, 2010

هيك الحكي الصحيح

رغم سفري الطويل جداً اليوم والارهاق والجتلغة مع اختلاف التوقيت إلا أنه يتوجب علي أن أقول مبروك للزعيم وفيصلي برازبلووووو هوو هااااي هووو .... بس خلاص

Thursday, April 15, 2010

What Is A High-Velocity Tear Gas Projectile?

It's something Israel might use to kill you if you peacefully protest building a wall on your land.
The picture above is of 29-year old Basem Abu Rahme.
Twenty Palestinians have been murdered by Israel while protesting their apartheid wall.
Sadly, they will all be forgotten.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

MiiiiiiiKRO -Blogging: Wadde3 Horayrata Enna Al-Rakba Morta7ilooo.... Wa Hal Toteeko Wada3an Ayyahal Rajolooo?? Rajolo.... Lam

HM King Abdullah met Barack Obama yesterday. Both men agree that having "Hussain" as your middle name could be a honor in one country but a reason to question your patriotism in another.

- A woman weighing 240 kilograms gave birth to a healthy kid in Romania. After delivery she said she was still in pain but was so happy to lose 4 kilograms.

- Ukraine vowed to get rid of all its nuclear weapons by the year 2012. Rumor has it that only a few hours after they did 2 tribes in Salt made a generous offer to buy them.

- Looks to me like Ammani mothers want their pre-school kids to be bilingual. Bad news: your kids are barely smart enough to even learn one language. They'll end up non-lingual, similar to ice-age children who had lived 20,000 years ago.

- It was announced that Dick Cheney suffered another heart attack . He had it for 14 years but it took doctors that long to locate his heart.

- The Jordanian military hospital in Gaza has been open for a year and has accepted 204,000 Palestinian patients, or as al-Jazeera reported it, "Jordan continues to fuck Palestinians"

- A law in Michigan allows any teenager as young as 12 years of age to buy a handgun as long as he has not committed a felony. The purpose of this law is to allow any teenager who is as young as 12 years of age to commit a felony.

- French president Sarkozy continued his apology tours for France's previous occupations. He had previously apologized for Algerians for occupying their country. If he's really sorry about France's role in torturing millions of Arabs in one country he'd rather visit Jordan to apologize for Orange.

- The US administrations is getting tough on Israel. Joe Biden publicly criticized Israel for building new settlements and Hillary Clinton yelled at Netenyahu in a 43-miniute phone call. It is predicted that by the beginning of the summer Barack Obama's sex tape with a Jewish woman in the oval office will be on DVD.

- I am realizing that "very safe" towns in America are very boring towns. Before I move to a new town next time I have to make sure they have a couple of homocides every once in a while.

- Elizabeth Taylor is getting married again. She is 79 and this would be her 9th marriage. I don't know if they'll ever make an Arabic movie about her life but if so I'm sure it will be played by Sabah.

- Toyota is suffering. Despite billions of dollars their reputation keeps getting worse because of major technical problems. Nobody seems to be learning the lesson from Real Madrid.
"In the picture is Richard Kuklinski, nick-named iceman. He murdered 250 men starting at the age of 13. He used to keep his victims' bodies frozen in freezers so that the police won't be able to tell the time of death once they find a body. I mentioned the term ice age above in the post so I thought about posting a picture with something related to ice. Bon Appetit."

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fighting in Salt

I don't think I or anyone else can tell you the exact story of what happened, especially that each side gives its own story.

But what we know for sure, is that a student at Al-Balqa Univeristy killed another student, which led to clashes between both tribes. Those clashes include burning of of stores owned by family members of the other tribe for no reason other than sharing the same last name. Study in Al-Balqa' was held Sunday because of tensions.

The murdered victim is not the only victim in this incident. The victims are the thousands of students who missed one day of school. These classes on Sunday were paid for in advance and they will not be compensated for missing them.

The owners of these stores will also not be compensated.

The tax payers are also paying for law enforcement that proved again to be ineffective in preventing violence following a violent crime.

When the tribes meet for the usual Atweh , I would care less if the murderer ends up spending only a few years in jail. Both tribes should agree to pay the one-day tuition for all students who missed class, including their transportation fees. They should also pay for damages in every store that was destroyed and they should pay for the damages in the roads for Salt that will be fixed by the tax payers's money.

I take pride in my heritage and I recognize that the tribal system is part of my culture. However we are reaching a point where we're becoming more of a gangster country where gangs fight against gangs and we have to take sides. The law should be enforced on those morons who take guns to colleges and think they're only targeting one person. They are hurting a lot of people and the whole country ends up paying for their crimes.

Here's a clip that will make you very proud of your country:

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Clearing the Original Sin

This is Rupert Murdoch, the founder of Fox News, on the cover of Hello! magazine.

Occasion: baptizing his 2 daughters near the baptism site in the River Jordan.

So the man who founded Fox, a news organization that frequently bashes Muslims for being non-tolerant, flies to a Muslim-dominant country to perform a Christian service accompanied by the Queen of Jordan.

As the main Fox-news guy, we'd expect him to not have any celebrity friends given how much Fox news despises "celebrities" for being a bunch of crazy liberals. However Murdoch insisted on having Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman attend the baptism.

Finally, he acknowledged that the baptism site lies in the Jordanian side of the River, not the Israeli side.

Ironaically the only thing that can be screwed by this visit is Fox News.