Monday, May 29, 2006

Football Rules

Check this interesting clip...

It makes you wonder if the goal scoreres are wearing the right jersey!

This clip is hilarious too....

Watch these great goals then thank me

And those outstanding saves , outstanding

How offensive was the Da Vinci Code?

I watched the Da Vinci code movie last week, and I don't regret watching it despite its offensive content.

Why would a Chrisitan like me go to the movies and stand in line (not a long line, but any line is too long for me) and pay to watch a movie which I already knew was offensive?

To start with, the movie is not for everyone to watch. Some anti-Christians might enjoy watching it because they just love any event, movie or novel that raises doubts about Chrisitianity and the holiness of Jesus Christ. Many Chrisitans on the other hand like me are not too knoweldgable to understnad all the references, groups and practices mentioned in the movie/novel. After all, it's one of the movies that you finish watching and still feel there's still too much that you don't know.

The movie is fictional. It doesn't give theories or expalantions and it's not sophisticated enough to discuss the bible or the character of Jesus Christ. I don't know if the novel did but I have not read it.

I find the movie offensive but it doesn't compare to the disrespect towards Christians and Christianity that both athiests and fanatic Chrisitans are responsible for. Chrisitans are being described as idiots, anti-science, women haters, racists and "bush fans", the last one being truly offensive to me at least. On the other hand many practices by the Christian Right lead by George Bush who launched a war that killed more than a 100,000 innocent people for the sake of money, and Pat Robertson and those crazy freaks are also very disturbing and offensive to Chrisitans, and all these practices make any disrespect displayed by the Da Vinci Code seem negligible.

We need to look at the big picture. Da Vicni Code did not kill anyone or destroy their house or
rip someone of his health insurance, and it did not implant hatred and arrogance into the hearts of people. If you want to "save" Christiantiy, movies and novels are not a good a starting point.

Just Jokes!

To hell with the seriousness, time for a laugh! Here are some jokes that I find funny :)


When Michael Jackson's wife gave birth to a baby boy, Michael was curious when he can sleep with his wife again, so he asked the doctor:"Doc, when can we have sex??"

The doctor replied, "Well, wait for him until he starts walking!"


An elderly gentleman went to the local drug store and asked the pharmacist for Viagra.

The pharmacist said, That's no problem. How many do you want?

The man answered, Just a few, maybe 4, but cut each one in 4 pieces.

The pharmacist said That won't do you any good.

The elderly gentleman said That's all right. I don't need them for sex anymore as I am over 80 years old. I just want it to stick out far enough so I don't pee on my shoes.


Q: What did Saddam call the war on Iraq after he was captured??

A: K*** umm il-ma3arek


A woman announces to her friend that she is getting married for the fourth time.

"How wonderful! But I hope you don't mind me asking what happened to your first husband?"

"He ate poisonous mushrooms and died."

"Oh, how tragic! What about your second husband?"

"He ate poisonous mushrooms too and died."

"Oh, how terrible! I'm almost afraid to ask you about your third husband."

"He died of a broken neck."

"A broken neck?"

"He wouldn't eat the mushrooms."


اثنين سكرانين، واحد بقول للثاني.... هسا راغب علامة بكون اخو عمرو دياب...؟؟
الثاني بقله ... لاء يا زلمة هذا مجرد تشابه اسامي


A man placed some flowers on the grave of his dearly departed mother and started back toward his car when his attention was diverted to another man kneeling at a grave.

The man seemed to be praying with profound intensity and kept repeating, "Why did you have to die? Why did you have to die?"

The first man approached him and said, "Sir, I don't wish to interfere with your private grief, but this demonstration of pain is more than I've ever seen before. For whom do you mourn so deeply? A child? A parent?"

The mourner took a moment to collect himself, then replied, "My wife's first husband."


A married man was visiting his girlfriend one day, when she requested that he shave his beard.

"Oh, James, I like your beard, but I would really love to see your handsome face."

James replied, "My wife loves this beard, I couldn't possibly do it. She would kill me!"

"Oh, please?" the girlfriend asked again in a sexy little voice.

"Really, I can't," he replied. "My wife loves this beard!"

The girlfriend asked once more, and he sighed and finally gave in.

That night, James crawled into bed with his wife while she was sleeping.

The wife woke up somewhat, felt his face, and replied "Oh, Michael, you shouldn't be here. My husband will be home soon!"


On Christmas morning a cop on horseback is sitting at a traffic light, and next to him is a kid on his shiny new bike.

The cop says to the kid, "Nice bike you got there. Did Santa bring that to you?"

The kid replies, "Yeah."The cop says,

"Well, next year tell Santa to put a tail-light on that bike."

The cop then proceeds to issue the kid a $20.00 bicycle safety violation ticket.

The kid takes the ticket and before he rides off says, "By the way, that's a nice horse you got there. Did Santa bring that to you?"

Humoring the kid, the cop says, "Yeah, he sure did."

The kid continued, "Well, next year tell Santa to put the dick underneath the horse, instead of on top."


طفايله وكركيه إشتركو بمقبره مات 11 من الكركيه,
فقال الطفايله: والله غير يعبوها واحنا بنتفرج


مرة 3 ، عربي وانجليزي وياباني..واقفين ع جبل.. العربي حكى مرحبااا .. رد الصدى ــبااااااا.. الانجليزي حكى هالووو..رد الصدى ..ــوووووووو..الياباني حكي ايتشي هوان .. رد الصدى: عيدما فهمت


I Hate ART

There are sports that only the rich can play, like golf and tennis, and others that the poor are obsessed about, and mainly that is football (soccer). If football wasn't a sport for the poor, it would never be popular in the world, simply because most of the world is poor.

That's why we find Egyptians calling football El Koora Sharab (Football is Socks) because as kids they were too poor to buy a football so they'd make a small football out of torn socks and start playing with it. That's how the unofrunate kids in third world countries wake up to play football and sleep on the rhythms of its music, and from there we got the most talented players in the world including Pele and Maradona.

The majority of third world countries including Jordan never qualified to the World Cup and it doesn't like they will make it any time soon, but its magic keeps people attracted to it and every 4 years the whole world stands still in front of their screens watching the games to the last second.

As life is becoming more sophisticated and people are becoming more selfish, some money-thirsty selfish bastards like the ART officials have adopted a policy that money and only money is what they care for all and they would never compromise to allow local TV stations to broadcast the matches, despite that more than half Arabs cannot afford to pay a quarter of the expenses that ART is suggesting, unlike the situation in the US where the majority of people can afford to get a cable and watch the major American football and NBA matches.

For more than ten years ART has been preventing Arabs from watching important matches and I'm afraid that football is becoming a sport for the rich, being watched by the rich and played by the rich and poor people should find another sport to cheer for, maybe sba3 7jaar seems like a good option.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Happy Independence Day

King Abdullah I , declaring the Independence of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, after the end of the British Mandate. The photo shows Ibrahim Pasha Hashem the Prime Minister and Abbas Pasha Mirza, Director of Interior, Amman on the...
25th May 1946.

Wishing the best to Jordan and Jordanians

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The day Arabs shook the world

Germany was Europe's Champions. They came the the World Cup in 1982 in Spain very confident, energetic and well-determined to win the World Cup.

In the opening match they had to face Algeria, which at that time had never qualifed to the world cup and never won any African or Arabic title and were considered one of the weakest team in that championship.

The Germans, being Germans, didn't want to take a chance and they started the game with all big stars, including Rummenigge, Littbarski, Breitner and behind them Toni Schumacher. The Algerians were a group of unprofessional players but they've been playing all together since 1979.

The game started and the Algerians stood strong against the German giants, ending the first half 0-0. With the second half starting, Algeria took its chance and started attacking, and to the surprise of everyone Rabeh Madjer scored the first goal in the 54th minute. The German fired back and Rummenigge scored the equalizer in the 68th minute.

In less than sixty seconds, Salah Assad made a magic pass to Lakhdar Belloumi who placed the goal into the Schumacher's net. Score..... Algeria 2, Germany 1.

Germany tried and tried but they couldn't score, and amidst the astonishment and anger of German players, the game ended in one of the biggest shockers in Football's history, with the new-comers from Algeria turning football on its heads and achieving a victory that was not in the tournament's scripts over Europe's Champions.

Algeria, despite its loss in the second game against Austria 2-0, was supposed to qualify to the second round after defeating Chile 3-2. The only way that they couldn't qualify was with the possible scenario of Germany defeating Austria with a one-goal difference in the game next day.

So next day, the match of shame took place. Germany scored a goal in the 10th minute and then both teams kicked the ball around each other aimlessly and the unspoken agreement between the two Germanic teams was obvious, making the Spanish crowd even the German and Austrain ones chant "Fuera, Fuera" (Out, Out) . In the end Austria and Germany qualified and the better team, Algeria, went back home with a sweet memory of a team of hard-working players who played good football and didn't fear a bunch of players with huge names and scanty manners.

Monday, May 22, 2006

One thing in common

Those are some of the pictures I got when I googled "Jordan"

No more Reega

I officially changed my site's name to Hareega. Reega Reega fell off.

The reason I initally chose to name it Reega Reega was the excitment I had when fans were shouting "Reega Reega Reega.... Faislai ya Hareega"

I think Hareega without the Reegas is good enough.

And I still believe Faisali is Hareega ! :)

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Look Around

I was driving home yesterday after 15 hours (in Arabic khamesta3shar sa3a) of continuous work, from 5 am till 8 pm. I grabbed a quick dinner from Mcdonalds and was heading home on Friday night at 9pm. Just at the time people were getting ready to go out to enjoy their Friday night, I was returning home to sleep early.

On Saturday (a vacation) I left my apartment at 4 am and headed to work, the streets totally empty as all people were dead asleep after enjoying their night. Driving down to the hospital I was thinking of how much work I was doing for less than 8 dollars an hour, the sleepelss nights and the responsibilities I am holding and the lawsuits I am at risk of getting every single second at my work, and the fact that most people esepcially in Jordan believe I am so rich although I am struggling with my apartment's mamanger to cancel the additinal 25 dollars from rental last month. I was thinking of the horrible food poisoning I got 3 days earlier and woke up at midnight to throw up a few times and barely had time to clean up the mess because i had to head to work as soon as possible.

At that moment on Saturday morning, I felt I was unlucky.

I arrived to the hospital and started seeing the patients. I am doing a rotation in the oncology (cancer) center. I started seeing Julia, a 47 year-old lady who lost her leg to cancer. She was in the hospital getting her last dose of chemotherapy but we had to keep her in the hospital because she couldn't stop throwing up. She looked at me with her tearful eyes "When will this all end"? , I was lucky enough to get away without directly answering her and waited till my big boss come later in the day to explain it all to her.

Later I came across Samuel, a 25 yr old guy originally from Guatemala. He crossed the borders to Mexcio illegally then crossed the Mexican-US borders again illegally, and this journey took him 3 months during which he was away from his family. He was born with hemophilia, a bleeding disorder where people tend to bleed heavily. Since he was running from the border patrol all the time he kept falling off heights and walls and ended up with bleeding all over his joints until they got totally destroyed. He is 25 but he has the mobility of a 70-year dying man. He told me that all of his family members died of this disease because they got no treatment for the bleeding events they had, and he wanted to reach the US for a better life. Of course this guy will be sent to Guatemeala after he's treated.

I saw six or seven more patients all with cancer and left the hospital a while ago. Somehow, I gained all my energy back, went to the apartment manager and threw the 25 dollars in her face (in Arabic zattet-ha bi khilgetha o goltelha biddesh jmeeltek yel3an abooki) then went back home and was ready to sleep at 8 and wake up at 4 and was emotionally -yet not physcially- ready to spend the rest of my life without a day off. I made a short prayer and called my family telling them I'm Ok and waiting for them in the summer......

Best of all.... I felt very lucky.

Poland and the Polish Joke

Poland's Team

Grzegorz Lato, The Polish super star who was the top goal scorer of the World Cup in 1974 with 7 goals, ayyam el 3ezz.

Very few people know that not too long time ago, Poland was a World Class team and that they won the bronze in 1974 and 1982 after defeating Brasil and France, respectively. Like most Eastern European teams, their magic didn't last too long and what happened to neighboring Hungary ended up happening to them. The team totally disapeared from the map in the 1990s and came in 2002 with a disasterous performance losing 2-0 to Korea and 4-0 to Portugal. Their victory 3-1 over the US didn't fix things as they were considered one of the weakest teams which particpated in that world cup after they used to be considered serious competitors.

Since then the team had some hope in a few players, especially their outstanding Liverpool goalkeepr Jerzy Dudek. Another striker Tomasz Frankowski scored seven goals for the team during the qualifications to help them qaulify.

And the polish joke?? The coach alla la ya3teeh 3afyeh excluded both of these stars from the team.

The thing that might help Poland get thru this round is their weak group which doesn't look more difficult than their qualification group. All what they need to do is defeat Ecuador and Costa Rica, but there's no way they can get more far than the second round.

Ecuador... Blank Page

Nothing makes me think that Ecuador will leave a good impression this time other than they are a Latin American team, and latin teams fight for the ball (sometimes literally). They never won Copa America despite the tens of times of competition, they never qialified to the World Cup before 2002, they only have 2 players playing in Europe (de la Cruz in Aston Villa and Delgado in Southampton). Their coach (Luis Suarez) lacks international experience. One of the things helped is the altitude at which they play their matches- (3000 meters above sea level) and it's no surprise to know that they were not defeated at home during the qualifications even by Brasil and Argentina.

All that can be disregarded when we remember that the teams who make suprises come from no where and kick some big team's ass before they go home. We'll see if Mendez and Delgado are up to this challenge.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Costa Rica.... Can they surprise us again?

Costa Rica - 2006
This is Costa Rica's shocking team in 1990.
Costa Rica made its debut to the World Cup in 1990 after a long struggle in the qualifications. They came in a group with Brazil, Sweden and Scotland.

Just after the draw was made, it seemed clear that Brazil will head the group and Scotland and Sweden will compete for the second place. Very few expected the costa Ricans to score a single point.

Well, they were wrong. After a shocking victory over Sweden 1-0, Costa Rica played a great match and lost 1-0 to Brasil with a difficult goal from Muller. The decisive match came next: Costa Rica vs. Sweden, and Costa Rica stunned the Swedish team lead by Brolin 2-1, making it to the second round in their first participation ever in the World Cup. They lost to the Czeck 4-1 and went back home.

In 2002 they made it again to the finals and they came in the third place only to goal difference to Turkey who made it to the second round with Brasil. That was the strongest group in the World Cup as Brasil and Turkey clinched the first and third places, respectively.

The Costa Ricans are obsessed with football and their government gave the employees a day off on June 9th to allow people to watch the opening ceremoney and Costa Rica's match against Germany.

Half the team play for the club of Saprissa which was the Conacaf champions last year, and if Paulo Wanchope was at his peak performance one should expect a few goals against big teams, like hosts Germany on June 9th.

World Cup Preview..... with Abu el Harayeg

Abu el Harayeg will start making previews for all the team participating in the World Cup..... I'll start with teams in Group A and so on. Just writing about footbal brings joy to me (i'm currently smiling and the ends of my mouth are about to touch my ears).

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Barcelona.... 11/10

Barcelona defeated ten-player Arsenal 2-1 to grab the Champions League title, officially they are the best team in Europe this season.

It's the second time they do it. The first was in 1992 against Sampdoria of Italy (which surprisingly now plays in the second division like many ex-champions of Serie A). I remember watching that game on Israeli TV when we didn't have satellite channels and the goal came in the 115th minute a few minutes before going into penalty kicks. Ronald Koeman shot one of his untsoppable rockets (the first picture above) and the commnetator was screaming in joy as if his parents were born in Barcelona. That game ended in a 1-0 victory.

Barcelona did it again and came from behind and scored 2 goals in 5 minutes by Etoo and Belletti .... you can't play with ten players and defeat Barcelona.

Last quick boring observation, out of the 11 players who started with Barcelona, only three were Spanish. In Arsenal, only two out of the eleven were English. The Bosman ruling rules!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

How can we love Jordan?

Jordanians like any nation do their best to display their love and loyality to their country especially at times of trouble. The sad fact is that much of what what appears to be acts of loyality is nothing but showing off.

I've heard Mrs. Lina Qopti complaining of the lack of support to SOS children. It takes only 60 JDs a year to support a kid in the SOS program. Most kids in private universities can afford to donate this amount of money without having their social lives affected.

How about the rich? How much are they donating to univerisites which are killing their students with their tuition fees, or to public schools which are deficient in everything except students?

How many of them are donating to public hospitals where people die, really die, because of the lack of medical equipment and skilled staff and medications?

After the November attacks when thosuands of people were demonstrating in the streets day after another, the blood banks were empty just calling out for people to pleeeeeeeeease we need your blood, but they stayed empty, and if you go check them now they'll be empty.

Abstaining from helping other Jordanians is a scandalous lack of patriosm. You can't go wave the flag in the street and sing Hashmi Hashmi and then think "ok i'm done with my patriotic duty for today let me go sleep in peace". Your country doesn't need your ugly voice, it needs your action.

Many Jordanians immigrate outside Jordan to study and work, and unfortunately the majority does not come back. They get offered good jobs and they carried away and even most of those who come back do it for personal reasons. I believe that if most of those who left the country decided to return back Jordan would have been a much better place than it is now. The education and experience those people carry are invaluable.

Bottom line, those who can help the country most are the rich and the educated, and the more money you have and the better education you've got the more likely you can help your country. It doesn't matter if you're born in Kerak or Ramallah, your loyality to Jordan depends on how much are you willing to help the people. And here's the sad news: you shouldn't expect anything in reutrn! Just like parents take care of their children and give offer them all they can, that's what we should do to our country without expecting anything back. If we're not helping ourselves we shouldn't expect others to help us.

Monday, May 08, 2006

بين السماء والارض

الزمان: ٢٠٠٣
المكان: السماء

الاحداث: يجلس حريقة مرتخيا داخل طائرة ايير فرانس المتجهة من باريس الى عمان

ينظر بجانبه واذ به يكتشف للمرة الاولى انه جالس بجانب مخرج الطوارئ.... وهذا يفسر المساحة الاضافية بجانب الكرسي

كانت الطائرة ممتلئة بالمسافرين وكانت تبدو عليهم ملامح عربية

اغمض حريقة محاولا النوم واستيقظ مفزوعا على رائحة غريبة

احس بجسم غريب يداعب ساعده الايسر فحاول القفز من مقعده قبل ان يثبته حزام السلامة المربوط بثبات حول كرشه المتراخي

نظر الى الجسم المجهول ذي الرائحة العفنة ووجد قدما مغطاة بجارب ابيض مثقوب في ثلاثة اماكن على الاقل واصبع قدم سكنته الفطريات ينسل بثقة من الثقب

تتبع الاصبع الى اعلى حتى قاده الى امراة في الخمسين تجلس خلفه

نظرت اليه وابتسمت قائلة ..... معلش مانا تعبانة بدي ارخي اجري


" بسير تبدل محل معي، كتير بحب ائعد جنب الاميرجنسي اكزيت"
اجاب حريقة " بسير بس ديري بالك ازا صار اميرجنسي بصير انت اللي لازم تفتحي الباب مش انا" وتوقع ولو ابتسامة على افضل دبشة ممكن ان يخرج بها في ظرف كهذا .. لكن الامراة صرخت بوجهه بصوت مفزع "اييه فال الله و لا فالك

فك حريقة الحزام وانقلع الى الكرسي الاخر وبدا مرحلة حشي قفاه العملاقة بين حدود الكرسي الضيق

كانت تجلس بجانبه امراة اخرى اصغر قليلا ، و بادرته بالسؤال" شو اسمك
-"لاء انا ائصدي من انوو عيلة"
- "مسنات"
-" يعني انتو مسيحية"
-"والنعم، انا بحب المسيحية"
-"شكرا اانتي"
-" انت عايش بفرنسا حبيبي"
-" لا والله اانتي جاي من اميركا، ترانزيت فرنسا"
-" وشو بتسوي باميركا؟؟"
و شرح حريقة قصة حياته وانه يقوم بعمل مقابلات للتخصص في اميركا قبل ان يمر لزيارة اخته المتزوجة حديثا في شيكاغو
-" اختك اتجوزت يعني، كم عمرها؟" -" ثلاثين"
-"واااال و ليش بس لهلا لتجوزت؟"
-" نصيب يا انتي نصيب"
-" و جوزها زمان عايش باميركا؟"
-" صارلو ابو خمصتعشر سنة"
-" ايه و ما كان متجوز قبل"
اجاب حريقة ببعض من الضيق "لاء"

-" معئووولة، صارلو خمصتعشر سنة باميركا و ما حنت نفسه عصبية"

-" لاء اانتي الجماعة بنعرفهم منيح والشب محترم ما الو عا هالشغلات"
-" طب يعني اختك مبسوطة معو هلا؟"
-" والله ما سالتها، حتى انا اخوها ما سالتها، بس شكلها مبسوطة"
وظهر ان السيدة تضايقت بعض الشيء من الجواب ، فغيرت الموضوع
-" طب انت حبيبي وين بتشتغل؟"
- "مركز الحسين للسرطان"
-" اييييييييه كل ما اسمع هاكلمة باشعر بدني، يعني انت هلا دكتووور مو؟"
-" اه دكتور"
-" بس انت كتير مليان لازم تعمل شوية رياضة ابني وائل كان كتير ناصح زيك اشترك بالجيم صارو ماشالله كسماتو بجننو"
-" نيالو"
-"كم معاشك؟"
-" خمسميت ليرة"
-" مسكين هدول ما بعيشو حدا هاليومين، طب راح تعيش باميركا "
-" اه عبين ما اكمل التخصص بعدين برجع"
-" ايييه دير بالك في كتير بنات بالبلد ما بتجوزو شباب عاشو باميركا وبيني و بينك مستحيل اجوز بنتي لشب عاش باميركا انشاله ست تشهر، ابصر شو بكون عامل هناك
عندها لم يستطع حريقة الاستمرار بالمجاملة فاستاذن و ذهب الى الحمام وافرغ الحمولة
وعندما عاد احس انه في طائرة اخرى، فالسيدتان اللتان كانتا تجلسان بجانبه وامامه اختفتا
نظر حوله ووجدهما تجلسان بجنب بعضهما البعض في كرسي مختلف تماما ومشي قليلا ليعود الى كرسيه فوجد رجل وزوجته جالسان مكانه و عدة وجوه جديدة تجلس حولهما
و قبل ان يفهم كيف تمت التبديلات بتلك السرعة القياسية وجد رجلا متقدما في العمر يلوح له من بعيد

" ولك انت مسنات، ابن مين؟؟ لتكون ابن موشيل -يقصد عمي ميشيل-"
ويبدو انه كان قد انهى للتو دردشة مع تلك السيدة
اجبته..... -لاء انا ابن اخوه

- والله يا هلا حبيبي تعال اقعد، انا بعرف عمك من ثلاثين سنة"

جلست مع الرجل وكان جميلا ان اعرف انني اذا ما كنت مسافرا على طائرة غريبة قادمة من بلد غريب فهناك على الاقل من يعرفني ويود السووولافة معي وهناك من يود ان يتعرف اكثر حتى لو كانت باسئلة تجاوزت كل الحدود الشخصية، وقد تكون هذه العلاقات هي ما تجعل الطائرات العائدة الى عمان ممتلئة على مدار العام

Monday, May 01, 2006

Scandal in Jordanian Football!

This is a videotape showing a member for the administration of Shabab al-Hussain offering the goalkeeper of al-Wehdat Mahmood Kandeel 4000 JDs to help Shabab al-Hussain win the match.

When the Wehdat keeper Kandeel knew about that member coming to his house he set a video camera in his house and videotpaed the entire process.

Here's the tape, click here (ongor honaa)

لمشاهدة الشريط ........................اضغط هنا

I never knew the Jordanian league was that important!