Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Why the Jordanian Teacher Terrorizing that Kid Should Not Be Punished

I watched the clip of a Jordanian teacher terrorizing a 1st-grade student in a public school. It was painful to see a young kid being humiliated, but it was more painful to see the reaction of a wide array of people to this youtube clip.

It looks like the people who were "shocked" the most were those who never gave a damn to start with. We all know that children get beaten up in almost every single public school in Jordan. Sometimes they get brutally beaten up, tied by chains, humiliated, and the physical abuse may even qualify as torture in some cases. Some students died, actually died, as a consequence of violence targeted at them from teachers.

The ministry of education doesn't pay attention to these cases. The principles of these schools don't care, mainly because most of them support the right of teachers to treat their students as their kids (i.e. beat the shit out of them-if necessary!) And just like having 10 kids can be a burden to a father, having 50 kids in one class is a huge burden. There is not time to pay any special attention towards kids.

I'm not even going to discuss sexual abuses against kids since I don't have names (obviously not clips either) but we hear the stories about teachers who have been "investigated" by school administration and asked to teach a different class because of clear sexual abuses against students. Things have got so bad in a public school in Madaba that a school shut down its restroom because of such sexual.

All these fake reactions by the ministry of Health were a result of the clip going viral, and not because of the violence itself. That little kid is lucky. His misery that went viral will almost guarantee he'll never be hit again , at least for a while. But make no mistake, this morning in Jordan a big number of students in Jordanian schools will be beaten up in schools by teachers and principals and nobody will record it on youtube, not allowing the Ammani elitist living in a bubble to pretend to be have feelings to allow them to feel sorry for kids who seem to be living in a different planet.

At least that teacher was teaching that kid something other than that his country is giving up on him and unless his parents were rich and connected he didn't belong to this land he lived in anymore.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Great Old Clip: Prince Abdallah, the Young Teenager, Watching Cartoons and Queen Mona Talking

Here's another one of these nice old clips, this one is a short documentary about late King Hussein, including interviews with him and Queen Mona around 1971. I believe this interview took place right before their divorce. You can see their 2 kids, Princes Abdullah and Faisal, watching TV and training with troops.

I haven't seen any interview with Queen Mona, so this is pretty interesting.

The most shocking moment of the video was right at minute 16:00, very interesting answer.

You can visit the site http://www.britishpathe.com/ and find more clips about King Hussein, late King Hussein (his grandfather), King Talal....

very interesting site

here's the documentary, click on the picture


Friday, January 14, 2011

Good Old Clip: King Hussein Getting Married

from April, 1955

This is truly incredible!!

Click on the picture and it will take you to the clip


Sunday, January 02, 2011

Video of the Month: Coronation of King Talal in 1951, and How Amman Looked Sixty Years Ago

This segment shows some rare videos that attract very few youtube viewers but I think are valuable enough to be seen.

Here is the coronation of King Talal in the summer of 1951. He ruled Jordan for 13 months, removed for health-related reasons.

King Talal was very influential, much more than what he gets credit for. He wrote down the constitution of Jordan. In 1951, Jordan was six years old. It could have gone in so many directions, but the constitution that the late King Talal came with gave a lot of liberty to the people and to women. Unfortunately it was "modified" afterwards to limit many of these freedoms and rights in the name of security.

Best 5 Movies of 2010 (from a non-movie expert point of view), and Why (No Spoilers)

5- Inside Job: Insightful. The best documentary of the year. It's good enough to embarrass the president of the United States.

4- Inception: a wonderful use of visual and sound effects, good story and powerful enough to make you take your dreams seriously, at least for a couple of nights.

3- Black Swan: This movie is so good that even I, a secure fat man, felt like I was the slim female ballet dancer going through the internal struggles that Natalie Portman was going through. The movie seemed to me similar to the Wrestler in many ways, and I checked after the movie and turned out it was the same director. Brilliant.

2- You Don't Know Jack: Jack Kevorkian, the doctor of death, tells his side of the story saying how he helped hundreds of people by killing them. This film surprises you and will probably leave you with many questions and no answers.
What's even better is that Al Pacino plays Dr. Kevorkian.

1- 127 hours: boy I could feel this rock in the movie pressing on my own arm. It's unimaginable. And the performance of James Franco should be taught in acting schools everywhere. Advice: don't read anything about the movie, just go watch it and live it yourself.

(I have to mention that I haven't seen the King's Speech or the Fighter yet, and animation movies are for kids under ten so Toy Story 3 and Avatar should never be included in any list). The picture above is of Natalie Portman , it might be from Black Swan, or just a random picture she took while laying on a pavement, doesn't matter, looks good)