Wednesday, January 25, 2006

من اخراج فكتوريا عميش

يرد خبر وفاتها في نهاية الاخبار..... تماما كما يرد اسمها في نهاية اي عمل ابداعي

يسلم راسكو، ويسعد صباحكو

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Red on Ice

She left & all that reminds of her is the red lipstick on her empty glass… he remembered the way she kissed…

The cozy ‘table for two’ suddenly became very lonely… in his mind he pictured the way she handled the drink… her long beautiful fingers engaging the neck of the cup in a tender hug… he could vividly recall that precious moment when the glass nearly touched her lips… she would blink & for a split second, surrender to the gracious tilt… it was like magic… she took his breath away…

He smiled…& remembered…

The glass stood there… clean & shining as if untouched … the only thing betraying the meeting is the quiet lip-print & the two small cubes of ice swimming in their own tears… as the two cold rocks melted a sad feeling sublimed & filled his heart… everything in front of her chair was perfect… as if she weren’t there…he looked at the glass as if reassuring himself…

He called his favourite waiter & exclaimed pointing to the empty glass: “André… how much is this?”

The waiter looked a little confused & then answered politely: “It’s on the menu sir…I…I really don’t…”-

“No, no…” he smiled… “The glass…how much does the glass cost…?”

The poor waiter only looked increasingly bewildered…

“There’s nothing strange about it man, I want to buy the glass…how much is it…?”

André smiled & whispered that he has to ask about that… he then ran inside & returned with a confident smile…- “It’s original Italian glass sir…&…”-

“Bring me my bill & add its price please, my friend…”

The polite & amazed waiter smiled again & went to fetch the check… as he returned he carried with him a brand new original Italian item…! He proudly presented the clean piece of glassware only to find that his customer has already picked up the used one on the table…

The man paid his bill & threw in a generous tip… As he stood up he slowly emptied the glass of the molten moments & carried it with great care & affection…

- “I brought you a clean one sir!”

- “Thank you André…” he smiled…& walked away…

He left & all that reminds of what he is …is the red lipstick on her empty glass…

Dr. Nakhleh Abu Yaghi

That's another marvelous story by my friend Nakhleh.
I didn't wait till Valentine's Day to post it because all days of the year can be dedicated to love


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

In Sickness and Health

A girl got married when she was 17. When she turned 22 she was diagnosed with cancer in her ovary. Her husband went after her doctors to write him a statement that the cancer has probably started before the age of 17, so by the time they got married she was already having a cancer even if it was so tiny that no medical test whatsoever could have detected it. What was his motive? He wanted to show the court that he married her with her having the cancer so he won't pay for her treatment and would divorce her without paying any expense after divorce because he did not know that she had cancer by the time they got married.

Everytime I encounter a patient with a debilitating illness I think of their relationship with their partner and how such hard times can be a real test for their relationship, and what happened today proved to me how true that is. I am taking care of a sick young person with a leukemia (blood cancer) and his condition is gradually getting worse. He and his fiancee were told that he probably won't be able to make it at all. His fiancee seemed to be a nice person and I was hoping that she would stand by him during this difficult time.

This morning I went into his bedroom and found an unusually great number of people, and his fiancee told me in tears that they were getting married in the room. I looked at him and behind his oxygen mask he gave me a smile.

Her wedding day was not what exactly like she wanted it to be. It came in the worst situation and the worst place ever to have one, but it was with the right man and that what counts in the end. When she was asked "Will you love him, honor and keep him, in sickness and in health", she answered with actions and not words.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

When will God smite this bastard??

Pat Robertson stated that God smote Sharon because Sharon was dividing God's land.

There's no land called God's land among Christians. That's all Jewish-based teaching just like most of Robertson's teachings. The whole world was created by God but his kingdom does not belong to this world- check the bible. The Christian's heart should be with God above and with a piece of land on earth below.

As much as I respect religion and faith without exclusions, as much as I started hating a lot of religious men among all religions also without exclusion. I heard that God likes to test the faithful, and maybe he is testing them with the religious people he's sending them.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Miracle in the Mine.... not exactly

Probably you heard the story of the miners in West Virginia.... 13 miners were trapped for almost 2 days in a mine after an explosion. Among the 13, 12 were found dead and one alive. However the news spread initially that twelve of the men have been found alive. The newspapers were printed stating that. A few hours passed by and the sad news came back.... they are all dead but one .... too late for the newspapers though, they came out next morning with the headings: Miners Alive!

Besides the rage and sorrow, one cannot ignore an observation. All the newspapers have made the very same mistake and it was in their headlines. They have reported exactly the opposite of the truth. They are not to blame for that, but it still looks on paper like a scandal.

the mistake was apparent because the 12 men were found dead. The bodies were there to prove it. I'm just wondering if we are being lied to everyday and we can't know it because we cannot see or check for the truth ourselves. I'm not sure if there are many headlines that come out everyday that are exactly the opposite of the truth and we are unable to know it. I just believe that all newspapers can be wrong like they were yesterday. ALL.

Monday, January 02, 2006

ليلة ليلة ليلة

الزمان : ليلة راس السنة

المكان: ناد ليلي في مدينة طوصون الامريكية

الابطال: حريقة وصديقه سعد القادم حديثا من الزرقاء ونحو الف شخص يتداحشون في الملهى

حريقة وسعد كلاهما يحملان زجاجة من جعة ميللر لايت ويقفان قرب المرقص
و دخلت اربع فتيات لاتينيات الى المرقص وبدان بالرقص ، وبدا لعاب سعد بالسيلان

فجاة، خرج من بين الجماهير الغفيرة شاب حنطي البشرة اشعث الشعر خفيف السكسوكة و اقترب من الفتيات الاربع المنهكمات في الرقص، و بدا يهز قفاه بسرعة شديدة ، قدرها صديقي سعد المهندس ب٧ هيرتز
ولفت انتباه سعد لون بشرة صاحب القفا الرجاجة ، فاتجه صوبه و دقره على كتفه قائلا:
" علي الطلاق انك عربي"
و هنا اضطر حريقة للتدخل فسحب سعد بعيدا عن المرقص نحو البار ووبخه قائلا " اار يو كرايزي؟ احنا مش بالزرقا

في هذه الاثناء كان صاحب القفا الرجاجة يتوجه نحو سعد الزرقاوي و بوادر الانزعاج ظاهرة على وجهه

تجهز سعد للشجار اما حريقة فوضع الجعة جانبا على طاولة البلياردو واستعد للهرب

نظر الرجل بحدة الى سعد و خاطبه قائلا " اكسكيوز مي، واط ديد يو ساي
اجابه سعد بثقة لا يحسد عليها "بالله ما انت عارابيك
فغر الرجل فاه مندهشا ثم ابتسم ابتسامة عريظة اماطت اللثام عن عشرين سنا مسوسا" ايه والله، اني من السعودية، اشلون عرفت

سعد.... الدم بحن يابا

و عاد ابو سعود ليرقص مع انتونيلا و صديقاتها، و اكمل حريقة و سعدا احتفالاتهما حتى الثانية صباحا عندما اعلن عاملو الملهى ان موعد اغلاق الملهى قد حان ، وسط صيحات الاستهجان من الرواد

و سالني سعد بغضب عارم " لويش هال ماذار فاكارز بسكرو عالثنتين؟؟"
اجابه حريقة "هيك قوانين الولاية مان

استشاط سعد غاضبا لانه لم يستطع تعليق ايا من الفتيات السكارى اللائي كن يترقوصن بشكل هستيري طوال الليل

طمانه حريقة بصوت هادئ " لا تخاف مان، معك طول السنة

و قبل الخروج نظر سعد الى الخلف و صرخ في الحشد " هابي نيو يير يا خوات الش
لم يفهم احد اخر ثلاث كلمات لكنهم اجابوا ببهجة " هابي فاكينغ نيو يير

و خرج سعد من النادي يتسكع ببطء شديد حتى طلب منه حريقة بادب جم ان يشد براغي طيزه

ترك الشابان المكان، وفي ذهن حريقة اول خطة للعام الجديد..... تناول المنسف كاول وجبة في العام القادم مع صديقه ملحس