Saturday, October 29, 2005

Will The Real Rosa Parks, please do not stand up

Fifty years ago this lady was jailed for refusing to give her seat in the bus to a white man. That act of courage began turning the wheels of the civil rights movement, and the rest is history.

What amuses me is how this simple lady changed history by doing nothing. She didn't carry a gun and she didn't kill or hurt anyone, but she knew she had a right as a human being and she stood for it (although physically refused to stand).

Same did M.L.King, Gandhi, Mandela, but not so many others.....

Non-violence is always victorious.

Rosa Parks died last Monday at the age of 92.

I wonder how many prisoners today will be considered heroes fifty years from now.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Reega Reega Reega.... Faisali ya Hareega

Faysali Won Asia's Cup after defeating al-Najmeh from Lebanon 3-2

IT's the second most important championship in Asia, still we can say proudly that al-Faysali has won the most important championship in Jordan's history on the club level.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Amman .... Winter Time!!

One of the things to miss in Jordan winter time is having a hot hot Mansaf jameed karaki in cold weather, noses red, wearing a jacket and with you hands sliding into el-seder with boiling laban pouring over the rice and meat and you sitting among all people enjoying the orgasmic feeling which would last the entire day and seriously placing you and 5000 others at risk while driving back home.

Shawerma places are great places to go to, not only because you'll be about to have the best fast food ever made to date, but also because each shawerma place has a hallmark which you'll not forget. In Shawerma Reem - Mojamma3 Jaber there are always cats going in (sometimes not going out ooops) and young boys walking barefoot even at 1 am and begging for money. Once I bought one of them a sandwich but he refused to eat it although he looked deah hungry, and said he only wants money, kinda makes you wonder who's sending this boy at 1 am to beg.

And when it's winter time, raining and the charmful weather broadcaster Jamal El Mousa abo 3yoon khothor expects "thulooj 3ala el mortafa3at foog el 850 meter methel mortafa3aat 3ajloon wal shobak", the best thing to do is walk inside Gerard ice-cream and the ice-cream man would expect you to either ask for a change or wal3a but you'd surprise him ...."ma3lesh beddi skooob Nutella" :) .... Well that was before their Sa7lab era.

At the moment snow is expected , people go into a "91-war mania" or "any 29 Shawwal mania" and rush into grocery stores to buy as much bread and fool el-kasee7 as they can, but I would be home laying my big cold ass on the heater while my toes are freezing. In schooldays we would be down on our knees praying that night " our dear Lord o pleeeease let it snow we don't wanna go to school tomorrow".

Amman sweet Amman :)

Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Unrecognizable Success

When HIV was first reported in human beings quarter a century ago, there was no treament for it. In the early 80s it was still that horrible virus which would kill anyone who would get it. Years passed and new treatments started evolving, and patients started living much longer and having better qualities of life.

The shocking fact is that if someone is now diagnosed with HIV, his/her life expectancy is unchanged given that he has good follow-up with physicians.

Although there's still no cure or vaccination for HIV, the advances in the treatment of its carriers over this relatively short period of time is just amazing.

Although scientists have been winning one battle after another in fighting HIV, and although they have saved so many lives, we still see many people complaining of how "all the research done on HIV" has been infertile.

Please don't be one of those.

Friday, October 21, 2005


We complain of our leaders, yet when the worst of them being trialed we resent it and consider it a humiliation to Arabs.

Maybe it's a humiliation to us that a foreign force has come from across the ocean and is changing our leaders... but to start with, we humiliated ourselves.

We had Iraqi people complaing of how brutal Saddam was, yet we were cheering for the leader who "struck Israel" and is willing to unify Arabs, and we now we treat him like a hero and we consider his daughter an angel even feeling pitty for her. Was she happy for the innocent girls who've been raped by her brother or the innocent citizens who did the mistake of their life and complained only once about their living situation to have their life ended in front of their children?

Saddam is not the only one who needs to go to jail, but this man deserves no pitty and no excuse can be found to defend him or his family.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Before someone else does it

Many Arabs were upset when Saddam Hussain was arrested, because it was a foreign force who did it. For more than two decades he oppressed his people and Iraqis were crying out for help but we didn't move, and I don't believe we have the right to complain at this point because we didn't help them when they needed it. Although it was all done for oil, but Americans did what Arabs should have done long time ago.

Many got upset when Rania al-Baz appeared on Oprah with her images as a tortured Saudi woman. Although she explained that this had nothing to do with Islam or its teachings but that part did not appear on TV. It was very clear how humiliating the situation of many women in Saudi Arabia was, but we didn't move. Maybe Americans will do, some out of compassion and others to use it as a way of targeting Islam, but they will do it.

We get upset when we hear international news channels covering stories of honor crimes in Jordan, and I get upset because it's a phenomenon spread most countries in the Middle East. However, I don't see any measures taken to prevent it, especially from the group of losers called the Jordanian Parliament-with great respect to some of its members- who voted against changing the law which sympathizes with whoever kills his sister.

Bottom Line: It's better be us who change it because if we didn't, one day others will.


(Pictures Above: Jordanian schoolgirls protesting against honor crimes // Rania Arafat a victim of an honor crime- she was killed after she fled her home because her parents forced her to marry her cousin// Rana Hussaini- "the fighter" against honor crimes in Jordan// Saddam Hussain , not really related to hussaini :D// Rania al-Baz, before and after )

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Arizona's Drunk Drivers

Two Arab girls in Mesa, Arizona were going home at 2.30 am, totally drunk, and they struck the motorbike of a 35-year old man, each with her car, killing him.

They stopped by the scene of the accident for a second, then fled.

If you want to drink, please don't drink and drive. If you drink and drive, try not to do it at 2.30 am. If you drink and drive at 2.30 am, please try to avoid hitting people. IF it happened that you hit someone and he fell on the ground full of blood, try to be responsible enough to call for help.
This is the lesson i got from this incident.

Some Links

because there's no one left to pick them up

It's so heart-breaking to see the huge number of bodies of victims of the recent earthquake in Southeast Asia......

Nobody is identifying those bodies, probabaly because their families have become big white plastic bags as well.

If these pictures don't move you, you're not a human being.

It's getting too hot babe

America is the greatest country in the world, but not for football (i.e. soccer) fans....

Today was the day when tens of decisive matches were played and a bunch of teams qualified to the World Cup next year in Germany.

When i came here i ordered Fox Sports package - the 30 something channel package made me so excited until i figured out that only ONE channel (the international sports channel) often shows soccer matches. I cancelled the order.

I wish I can be in Jordan flipping different sport channels watching the tens of games that were played today instead of the World Poker Tournament or old men carrying playing "glool" but with sticks in what is called golf.

What I know is that some way somehow i will watch every single game in the World Cup next year, and if I have the will I will find the way !

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Liberating Liberia

Liberia is heading towards its first presidential elections since civil war.

The front-runner is George Weah... remember this dude? He was the first African to be chosen as the best football player in the world , in 1995.

Othman el-Graiani used to talk about him in every single football match even if he wasn't playing, referring to him as Jurj Wayyyaaaaah :)

After ruling the world he's planning to rule his country.

His political experience in negligibile....

Liberia, just like most 3rd world countries, had many leaders who never lacked political experience, were so intelligent and looked presidential, however brought misery and corruption to their people and their country.

Maybe it's time now to choose someone who people just like.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Those men saved lives

Nobody could believe what those 2 men proposed 20 years ago, that peptic ulcer disease (qor7ah bi mi3deh) was caused by a bacteria.

Like many great discoveries, their theory was initially rejected, despite that one of them (Marshall) even infected himslef with the bacteria which caused him the disease , just to prove to others that his discovery was true.

As years passed by and more studies were done, their discovery started to make sense.

Noawadays antibiotics against that bacteria offer the best and most effective treatment for peptic ulcer, thanks to the efforts of those two men.

Today Australians Barry J. Marshall and Robin Warren won the 2005 Nobel Prize in medicine.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Love to the last sight

"Dr. Masayyat, please come as soon as possible... I don't think she'll make it tonight"

"Shoot" was the only thing i was saying as i ran to her room. I was so mad not only because someone was gonna die during my first call as a senior physician here but also because after more than a year they still can't pronounce my name right.

The patient was an old lady who had so many brain strokes in the past that became unable to move any limb, eat on her own or even talk for more than a year now. However she remained fully alert and seemed like she understood all what's going with her.

I was called because she wasn't breathing well and the nurse felt she was passing away. I went to her room and asked all the family but the husband to leave. I asked him to give her a kiss as that usually means it's the last kiss and asked him about what his wishes were regarding putting her on a ventilator if we had to. This 80-something old man was trembling and I couldn't really see his face from all the tears covering it, and he just said "I only don't want her to be in pain".

To me she sounded like someone with a failing heart, so i gave her some medications to relieve the stress over her heart and make her breath better. The good news is that she did well on those and her breathing improved.

So next morning I went in to check on her and I found the husband sitting there. This time I could distniguish his face and I remembered the old lady as the first patient I saw in America when I started last year. I could easily remember how her husband was always by her bedside in the hospital, how he would ask about the results of her blood test at 5 every morning before the docotors would come.

The only thing that lady could do is open her eyes and smile, and you I could see the old couple looking at each other and smiling like two young people just falling in love. They haven't spoken to each other in more than a year, no words, just looks and glances and smiles, but behind all of that was a strong relationship and honesty to stay with each other "in sickness and health", and love that would prevail till the last sight.

Monday, October 03, 2005

I know what Diego Maradona did this summer

Maradona lost 110 pounds over the past few months, after a prolonged stay in Colombia.

Currently many overweight Colombians want to do a weight-reduction surgery and even asking the government to pay for it in what's becoming known there as "Maradona's law"

I don't know if Maradona would thank his surgeon or just say it was "the hand of God" which helped him get back in shape!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Our women were not born only to cook magloobah.....

Jordan won the West Asian Football Championship , after defeating Iran 2-1 in the final match.
Two goals by Maysa2 Jbara, who was the top goalscorer with 9 goals in the championship.


Oooooooo la la

Last month I went to 2 big shows in Vegas, the O show in Bellagio and The Blue Man Show in Luxor,
Hundreds of millions of dollars were spent on making the "O" show, mostly on the stage over which , under which, and beneath which the show goes. If you think of going to Vegas, make sure you reserve a few months in advance to find tickets for the show.

The blue man show is hilarious and really fun to see, and it seems like one of the best shows there. You can take photos with the three blue men who don't talk or smile!