Saturday, January 15, 2011

Great Old Clip: Prince Abdallah, the Young Teenager, Watching Cartoons and Queen Mona Talking

Here's another one of these nice old clips, this one is a short documentary about late King Hussein, including interviews with him and Queen Mona around 1971. I believe this interview took place right before their divorce. You can see their 2 kids, Princes Abdullah and Faisal, watching TV and training with troops.

I haven't seen any interview with Queen Mona, so this is pretty interesting.

The most shocking moment of the video was right at minute 16:00, very interesting answer.

You can visit the site and find more clips about King Hussein, late King Hussein (his grandfather), King Talal....

very interesting site

here's the documentary, click on the picture


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jaraad said...

Very nice piece. That was really interesting. I have never seen Queen Mona before.
Unlike some Arab leaders I like when he pulls his hand back when someone tries to kiss it.