Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Clearing the Original Sin

This is Rupert Murdoch, the founder of Fox News, on the cover of Hello! magazine.

Occasion: baptizing his 2 daughters near the baptism site in the River Jordan.

So the man who founded Fox, a news organization that frequently bashes Muslims for being non-tolerant, flies to a Muslim-dominant country to perform a Christian service accompanied by the Queen of Jordan.

As the main Fox-news guy, we'd expect him to not have any celebrity friends given how much Fox news despises "celebrities" for being a bunch of crazy liberals. However Murdoch insisted on having Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman attend the baptism.

Finally, he acknowledged that the baptism site lies in the Jordanian side of the River, not the Israeli side.

Ironaically the only thing that can be screwed by this visit is Fox News.


programmer craig said...

...crazy liberals...

Leftists, not liberals :)

We've been using the wrong word a long time in the US but it seems with the advent of the internet a lot of people have figured out how to use online dictionaries!

Hareega said...

it's liberals, I heard it on Glenn Beck and he can't be wrong

also progressive is a new word for socialist

KJ said...

left wing, right wing, leftists, rightists, progressives, socialists, communists, columnists, liberals....

all synonyms for idiots

As for Fox, bad press is good publicity.

Tallouza said...

One way of looking at it...This whole trip is one mama carefully staged incident..For a media tycoon as big and as conniving as Murdoch, I can't help but look for signs to read between the lines. We are so gullible, it is pathetic.