Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fighting in Salt

I don't think I or anyone else can tell you the exact story of what happened, especially that each side gives its own story.

But what we know for sure, is that a student at Al-Balqa Univeristy killed another student, which led to clashes between both tribes. Those clashes include burning of of stores owned by family members of the other tribe for no reason other than sharing the same last name. Study in Al-Balqa' was held Sunday because of tensions.

The murdered victim is not the only victim in this incident. The victims are the thousands of students who missed one day of school. These classes on Sunday were paid for in advance and they will not be compensated for missing them.

The owners of these stores will also not be compensated.

The tax payers are also paying for law enforcement that proved again to be ineffective in preventing violence following a violent crime.

When the tribes meet for the usual Atweh , I would care less if the murderer ends up spending only a few years in jail. Both tribes should agree to pay the one-day tuition for all students who missed class, including their transportation fees. They should also pay for damages in every store that was destroyed and they should pay for the damages in the roads for Salt that will be fixed by the tax payers's money.

I take pride in my heritage and I recognize that the tribal system is part of my culture. However we are reaching a point where we're becoming more of a gangster country where gangs fight against gangs and we have to take sides. The law should be enforced on those morons who take guns to colleges and think they're only targeting one person. They are hurting a lot of people and the whole country ends up paying for their crimes.

Here's a clip that will make you very proud of your country:


jaraad said...

Truly very sad and very well said. Some writers claimed that the reason behind what happened is because of the suppression of political freedom. I don't think Jordan is worse than Syria or North Korea when it comes to politics yet we don't see such thing there. I am also proud of our tribal system but this system need to be under the umbrella of the ethical system.

Rand said...

a tribal system doesn't have to mean fights between tribes. it's getting out of hand here in Jordan, the first thing someone says when I'm introduced to them is "Rand esh?" always followed by "men wain entw" and finally "ah entw shamalaat" and a smile that could mean many things. It comes to a point where your last name defines the way people treat you and their expectations of you. it's very sad that things reached this point.

Hareega said...

jaraad, I second that. What pisses me the most is how policemne have to calculate every step they make to make sure no tribe gets irritated.

Rand... well in every country they ask where are you from, but in Jordan at least they decide on how they wanna treat you depending on the answer.
By the way, where are you from?

Rand said...

ani mnerbed ya dactor :) ana men Irbed

Shaheen said...

Walla ya abo al7arayeg I think you are looking at the matter from impractical point of view, Balga students are not killing themselves to attend lectures, on the contrary, this might be a good news for them.

NasEr said...

Why wouldn't anybody want to do whatever they feel like necessary after what happened in Ajloun, everyone saw how it was handled, do you think some has more "pride" than others?? !!.

on a side note man, I don't have any cookies to offer but would like it if we all got together and met your highness ya3ne, post something here with date and time, unless you're already back!

Hareega said...

Shaheen, not everyone was hapopy, and a lot of students still want to attend lectures!

NaseR... sorry this was a super short trip, inshalla el marrat el jay!