Tuesday, August 01, 2006

America and the World

Some of the questions Americans asked after 9/11 were "Who hates us?" and "Why do they hate us?". One of the answers was "they hate us for our freedom".

Many countries, especially European countries, surpassed America in its freedom scales, both civil and political. When crowds in the Arab and Islamic worlds walk in millions in the streets, there are always the names of two countries they chant death for: Israel and the US.
Israel.... we know why. It's the country that Arabs have fought against for decades and caused them to leave their homes and lose their children to in battle.
Then comes USA.

Have Americans stopped for a second and wondered why do many Arabs burn the US flags, scream "Death for America" and even have some of them glorify Bin Ladin or Zarqawi or any al-Qaeda leader just for the fact that they want to destroy America?

Why don't these crowds burn flags of other more free countries even those such countries already have more restrictions on immigration and all of their leaders are non-Muslism and their laws are totally opposite to the Islamic Shariaa and they admiited the right of Israel to exist long time ago?

Since the foundation of Israel in 1948, America has been opposing the entire world in their policy regarding the Middle East. The foundation of Israel was the first event, then came dozens of UN decisions that ALL countries in the UN would agree upon until the US veto would prevent them from being approved.

How many times have you heard in the news "Three countries opposed the decision: USA, Israel and Micronesia"?

With the Qana massacre occuring 2 days ago, I remembered the first massacre in 1996 when Boutros Boutros-Ghali condemned Israel for killing a hundred civilians. The entire world criticized Israel. A few months later the US was the only country in the UN to oppose a second-term for him because of Israel condemnation after the Qana massacre. Since Irael started its strike agianst Lebanon, the entire world asked for a cease-fire except for USA and the UK.

America is losing its popularity, and its policies in the Middle East is not only enraging Arabs or Muslims but the entire world as well. The regular person living outside the US watching TV does not see the regular American who wishes peace for all or who donates money for charities to help sick children. What he sees is John Bolton raising his hand alone in the UN or American troops in Iraq going there against the will of half Americans and 90% of Europeans and almost all Arabs.

The US now is not respected, but feared from. It's regarded as a military giant and an ethical infant. People in the white house cannot understand that the less they use their power the greater it will be. They fail to see the danger in their selfish decisions and their political isolation from the rest of the world.
Let's remember what a wise man once said ,"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. "


Anonymous said...

the last line..really thoughtful

Anonymous said...

LOL maybe because it was the only line I didn't write myself!

Me said...

You raised a good and very true point. you and i and everyone else in the middle east and the muslim world or the rest of the world, know about the strong ties between the US and Israel and know how powerful the Israeli Lobby is within the US government, but how can we work on letting the avarage Americans themselves KNOW and realize that? and you think if they know, would they care much for the arabs, muslims or other people around the world? they need a lot of education in the area and a lot has to be done by us arabs..a lot of PR!

Anonymous said...

America supports Israel because it's the only true democracy anywhere in the Middle East. Basically, America is the only nation in the world who gives a damn about dragging the Middle East into the 21s century (for your own good, kicking and screaming if need be).

As far as some European countries having more freedoms than American's... in some regards yes, America is not the degenerate country most Arabs see it as... but overall, NO. Americans enjoy more freedoms than anyone else in the world.

I agree that America should get the hell out of the Middle East and stay out! Many Americans are tired of playing "world police" and are content to sit back and watch the rest of the world go down the drain.

For the record I have no problems whatsoever with the Arab peoples, most are friendly, generous, and very kind. Having said that, Arabs do not "play well" with others; if you aren't attacking Israel or the US, you are attacking each other -- in the name of your merciful and peaceful religion, of course.

Anonymous said...

anonymous... Allow me to disagree that America supports Israel because it's a democracy. Democracy has never been an issue. The US has repeatedly supported fascists and dectators all over the 20th century, starting with Saddam Hussein in the 80s and the Saudi regime nowadays, in addition to displacing partially democractic regimes like Alende in chile and supporting a dectator like Penoche who killed more than 250,000 Chileans. the list is huge for undemocratic regimes who were backed off by the US.

It's not only Arabs who do not play well with others. It's the case for all 3rd world countries. Look at Latin America and Africa for example. There are no Arabs there.

Me said...

i like your blog and i wish you write more! i check out your blog many times a day hoping to read more from you. i know you are busy but still i like to read your thoughts about stuff. take care and have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

"military giant and an ethical infant" - liked that one - and in general agree with our post.

Anonymous said...

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