Monday, January 21, 2008

It's happening again

Doctors in Gaza decided to stop doing surgeries for their patients, because the electricity generated by the main hospital's generator is so scant that it can only run the ventilator machines in intensive care units.

These generators do not last forever, and in less than 24 hours they will shut down.

Another crime committed by Isarel, the country that attacks ambulances, bombs schools and destroys houses on its inhabitants without a warning.

Israel was founded by offending the right of others, killing the innocent, and with blood on its hands. It would be naive to believe that it would behave differently in order to defend itself.


Anonymous said...

these are the facts on the gourd. The situation in Gaza is highly depressing!

Adoosh said...

This morning, Al.Aqsa TV announced that the children's hospital in Gaza will run out of fuel in about 30 hours, that means cutting off the breathing machines of 10's of newborns in incubators!
La 7awla wala quwwata ella bellah :(

The Observer said...

That is a tragedy! hope they do anything about it soon!

Isam said...

A Candle for Gaza | شمعة من أجل غزة

Anonymous said...

* that "gourd" was supposed to be ground. it just looks highly disturbing and that's why i can't help but fix it two days afterwards :D