Monday, February 11, 2008

Guess the Couple

I'm posting this to all the ugly people out there, a message of encouragement:
No matter how ugly you look now, you may look better when you grow up. You may even become more famous and successful.


PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

the clintons still look ugly to me! but ewww all that hair! Nasty!

Anonymous said...

looool...this picture is a classic!

3ammo Clinton looks quite the same if you just ignore that fuzzy hair on top of his head, lol. However, khalto Hilary is nerdy looking, looooooooooooooooooool

Rambling Hal said...

Oh good, there's hope for me still.

Sharkooseh said...

lol dono whois that couple but nice msg :P

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA amazing picture man!

Anonymous said...

I'd still tap it. ;-)

7aki Fadi said...

"all the ugly people out there, you still have hope"

HAHAHAHHAHA, Man how do you come up with this stuff? you crack me up!

Anonymous said...

Haha.. You should have also added (and if you're a guy, you may even get a BJ one day!)


Anonymous said...

lool this is hilarious, thanks for sharing.

Dandoon said...

Seriously, who are those two?
is there hope for people who never get nice pictures?

Hareega said...

proud-pal: i guess you could have found vegetables growing inside that hair

secratea... yeah bill has the same face !

Hal, there's hope for me too, as they say "the Clintons give everyone hope".

sharkooseh... the Clintons

rb, thanks!

7aki fadi... when you're ugly you become creative

tololy... that's very true, bill would agree with you

batoul... you're welcome!

dandoon,it's the clintons

Unknown said...

I don't see Monica???

Hareega said...

bassel... hehe i don't think Monica was born by then :)

Dandoon said...

OMG. Of course it is them. I feel so silly, lol.
I guess I have to lose all hope after this public humiliation of myself :D

3njad, who would've thought it would turn out to be this good for them!

Thanks for sharing.

Hareega said...

well it took me a little bit before i guessed who they were, Bill still have the same silly face and that helped.