Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Selling Jordan

In case you haven't been following "the news", here's an update:

The Jordanian government had sold:
1- Aqaba- for 5 billion dollars to the UAE. The port area of 320 hectars was sold.
Puropose: development of the port.

2- King Hussein Medical Center- for two billion dollars, to a group of UAE investors.

3- A chunck of Amman- 55 hectars sold for 1.5 billion dollars, for Najib Mikati of Lebanon.

Source: Unfortunately the AFP, and not the government.

I'm not against the idea in general, but this is a bit too much. All the buyers are non-Jordanian, all these deals were secretive, and we're not really informed of the details of these contracts. What does "development" mean?


Anonymous said...

There is some serious development in Jordan (Amman specially). I just hope this does not increase the gap between the rich and poor.

By the way, who owns the new Abdali project ?

Anonymous said...

goodness gracious! Whats left? I mean its great but its not Jordanian anymore. And I agree with za3tar about the grap between classes.

Anonymous said...

check Hajjaj's

Mohanned said...

The 5 billion is the project's expected budget, not the price which will be paid. The land was sold for 500 million which went to pay the 2.1 billion settelment with the paris club. Also the government will take 3% of the revenue generated by the project.

Hareega said...

Mohannad, do you think the government can act solely on its part in striking these kind of deals especially with non-Jordanian parties?
How about the KHMC, I didn't know the government has control of a military hospital!

Mohanned said...

walla ya garaba bebladna kolshi beseer..

lubna said...

i heard il keyadeh il 3ameh inba3at kaman!!! i hated that king Hussein medical centre was sold:(

Anonymous said...

check this out :)

Mala2e6 said...

طيب لو عرضوها عالشعب كان لمينا المصريات و اشترينا
مش نحنا ابدى من الغريب؟

يا سيدي صايرين شاطرين بالسمسرة..خبرة

Hareega said...

shu bedna nsawwi!

Anonymous said...