Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Work Embarrassment

I was at the mall. I stopped by Macy's and bought myself a nice shirt and a couple of great good old fashioned kalaseen. When buying a kalsoon I don't just sneak it in the bag, I open the packet and take out the kalsoon and raise it up in the air to see the reflection of the light from its shining cloth while nauseated people stare at me in utter disgust. I got the shirt and kalaseen and went home.

Next day at the clinic I saw Pam, our physician assistant.

"So Doctor, you were at Macy's yesterday?" She asked
" Yes!" I said
"I work there"
"Yes, I work as part time there."
"I saw you bought yourself a nice shirt?"
"Yes.... I actually.... did.... buy a nice..... shirt"

That was followed by 10 seconds of silence.

"Ok doc, Mrs. Andrews is your first patient today, I'll check her in the room"


mab3oos said...

damn doc. thanks for the laugh.

hb said...

hilarious .. did you do that to all 10? ;p

KJ said...

I flash everyone too when buyin undies!


KittySigurdardottir. said...

It reminds me of living in Reykjavik,where everyone knows each other business.Is it like that in your city too,Hareega?

Devilstine™ said...

haha.. u will do it the next u buy em aye? :P

Hareega said...

Purekrystal, yes kind of, although the population of my town is only a little smaller than whole Iclenad

Devil.... of course