Saturday, January 09, 2010

Terrorism in Saint Louis, Missouri

In a manufacturing company in St Louis, a terrorist armed with three different weapons randomly shot hundreds of bullets at innocent people killing three and injuring five.

And now we got a confirmation that his name is: Timothy G. Hendron.

So to edit: A man opened fire at people at a manufacturing company in St. Louis killing three people and injuring five.


za3tar said...

Right on point!
I wish I can add anything else :-)

Naddoush said...

Hypocracy - but unfortunately right on point.

Anonymous said...

"Terrorists" kill for a "higher" cause, their plan is to draw attention to their "plight" by creating terror in their "oppressors."

This chap was just a disgruntled employee... big difference.

za3tar said...

Your definition is true. However, the comment here is that if the criminal was Arab or Muslim then almost all American media outlets would label him as a terrorist without giving it much thought.

Think about the Virginia Tech shooting. How do you think the headlines would have read had that guy been of Arab or Muslim background?

In comparison, consider the recent Toledo man of Palestinian decent who shouted on a plane that he wants to "kill all Jews", then when a police officer came to get him he shouted "you should go back to Africa". Clearly this is nothing more than nut-case racist. Even in court he confessed to having prior psychological issues. How do you think the media treated him? As the nut-case racist that he is, or as a terrorist wanna-be?