Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In Conclusion, Best Moments of the World Cup

Casillas' Interview with His Girlfriend

Casillas, Spain's captain and goalkeeper, did an interview with a sports reporter who happened to be his girlfriend right after the final game. She was asking him who did he thank for the victory. He answered, "to everyone who supported me, my parents, my brother..... then he said "to my friends, and to you", then you can tell she was very uncomfortable with what he did next. It's a little unprofessional but very excusable. She can also be grateful they don't have honor killings in Spain.

Maradona's Press Conference

As you've noticed Maradona is very close to his players, kissing them before they hit the field and when they come out of it, which made this insecure reporter ask this question.
you can always tell Maradona's response from his eye.

I have to say, this is a much more friendly response than his response to Argentinian reporters who previously predicted he was too bad of a coach to get Argentina to qualify into the World Cup. I can't even post that video here, it was so incredibly nasty that the FIFA had to suspend him from attending his team's games for 3 months. Click here to watch it.

Most Outrageous Penalty Drama
Without a doubt it was Gyan's missed penalty in the 121st minute against Uruguay. Not only that, but Uruguay's winner penalty by Abreu was one of the most classical of all World Cups, a Panenka style penalty.

Gyan's Miss

and Abreu's classical penalty

Best GoaL
I might be biased here, but I'll go for Tevez' 3rd goal against Mexico. The reason is that Tevez looked as if he was losing control of the ball and falling down just before he fired his missile.
Van Bronckhorst's goal against Uruguay comes second

Worst Behavior By Anyone
French Coach Domenech refusing to shake hands with a (much better) coach Carlos Alberto, for no reason other than Domench being an asshole.

Worst Tackle On the Field
That happened yesterday, in the final game, as Dutch defender De Jong kicked Alonso
in the middle of the f-ing chest. Surprisingly enough he only got a yellow card.

Close second, Felipe Melo against Holland in the quarter-finals.

Most Affectionate Player
On average, North Korea makes it to the World Cup twice every 100 years, so some players like Jong Tae-Se can get very emotional when their national anthem was being played during their first game against Brazil, which was their best.

Most Arrogant of All
Kaka, of Brasil, proving again why does his name mean the same in all languages and cultures across the world after refusing to swap his shirt with a North Korean player.

See you in 2014 !!


Anonymous said...

doc., what does kaka mean?

Hareega said...


Anonymous said...

sorry doc., got to ask again(i am not arab), what does kaka and khara mean (english please)?

btw, i like your sense of humor throughout the blog...still smiling thinking of you when argentina was out...

Hareega said...

oops sorry, Kaka means feces, stool, crap , I presumed in alla languages it refers to the same thing !

what language(s) do you speak?

Don't worry about Argentina , they will be there in 2014

Anonymous said...

doc., i had googled before u answered (my english dictionary doesn't have the word!)...from various sources it means: the guy you are talking about (many sources) or stool or also pigeon...

and the word 'puta' i learned from your blog too!(am smiling)

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