Monday, June 02, 2008

The Best-est Song Makeover of All Times

Usually, it's better to keep a song in its original version. However, there are always exceptions. Here is my list of occasions where a song makeover caused a significant change in its popularity making it often hit number 1 on billboards for very long times.

1- I Will Always Love You- Dolly Parton/ Whitney Houston
This is the original song by Parton in 1973.

Whitney Houston took it to a totally new level with her magical voice and amazing performance in 1992.


2- Tom's Diner- Suzanne Vega/ DNA mix
Vega sang it without instruments (acapella) in 1981, here's the original version:

Ten years later a group called DNA made a great remix of the song and helped it spread all over again.


3- Under Pressure/ Ice Ice Baby- Queen and David Bowie/ Vanilla Ice

These are different songs, but the music used is exactly the same. Queen and David Bowie first sang together it in 1981 and was a true success. Here's a clip with Freddie singing it in a concert in 1986

Then Vanilla Ice, the most annoying rap singer in history, with a different song but the same music. Vanilla refused to acknowledge this fact! But this song was HUGE.


4- Candle in the Wind- Elton John twice
It's almost the same song, but with different circmustances. Elton John sang it first in 1974 for Marilyn Monroe's memory. Here's the original song:

In 1997 Elton John made a special version of the song to sing it in Princess Diana's funeral. He refused to perform this version since then. It's considered by many to be the best song in music history.


5- Tainted Love- Gloria Jones/ Soft Cell

Gloria Jones sang it in 1964. She didn't make a video of it, but here's the song, sounds funny

Soft Cell, a British band that didn't last long, made a remix of the song and to their surprise it had a global success. The group did not have any hit afterwards.
Here's their version:



Hani Obaid said...

Didn't know (I will always love you) was Dolly's song. Interesting.

I always hated that ice ice baby song, but I remember the time when it was popular, but hey there was worse. Do you remember the song informer where the lyrics was basically nonesensical ?

Tom's diner is very catchy, but it doesn't take much talent to sing since it's more like talking fast than singing. So I remember this girl in high school doing it in a school talent show.

I like Diana's version of Candle, but I'd say calling it the best song in music history seems to go to far. I remember at the time thinking oh look he didn't even bother writing a new song for her. That and I think Diana was probably the most overrated crybaby in history. Dying doesn't make you a hero in my book.

Hareega said...

I loved informer!! that guy was on fire

I have to disagree with you on Tom's diner, I think Vega's voice was spectacular and very easy-going.

I think the reason Candle in the Wind is considered the best in music history is because it sold more than any other single in US history, including the bealtes and elvis....

Farah said...

Dude I love your lists.
You gotta keep making lists LOL

Hareega said...

I will I like them too !