Friday, June 20, 2008

The Only Movie Review I'll Ever Make

This is not for movie buffs, it's for the majority of people: people who like seeing a good movie every once in a while and don't care much about the "expert movie reviews" on rotten tomatoes or elsewhere. They also don't mind seeing movies 10 or 20-years old as long as they're really good movies, and they surely have not seen some movies that everyone else in the world has seen before.

Also: I hate movie buffs, they are elitists!

Here are the some 10-12 movies I watched in the past few months:

1- Erin Brockovich: I used to hate lawyers until I watched this movie. It's based on a very true story. The "true" Erin Brockovich appears in the movie, try to find her! Julia Roberts won an Oscar for her role here.

2- Iron Man: A fantastic movie for 9-year olds. If you didn't like this movie that means you'll never ever like sci-fi movies. Join the club.

3- Ghosts of Abu Ghraib: how can any documentary ever be better than this? Through the words and expressions of the accused and the victims, this movie makes you feel you're sitting in a cell in there hearing the screams and feeling the pain. The beginning of the documentary couldn't have been better.

4- The Godfather: regardless of how good you think this movie is, you have to watch so you won't look a real idiot in any conversation. Voted best movie ever made by IMDb.

5- One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest: That's my favorite movie of all times. It's based on a novel that was banned in so many countries at that time. I think Arabs can relate to this movie a lot better than others. What a marvelous piece of work.

6- Annie Hall: the best Woddy Allen movie. Never seen something more ironic than this. The comedian seems at times to be the most miserable person on earth, and he often breaks the 4th wall to tell you so.

7- My Left Foot: I don't think anyone deserved an Oscar for best actor more than Daniel Day-Lewis deserved his for his role in this 1989 movie. It's difficult to believe this man with the left foot (Christy Brown) truly existed.

8- Le Moustache: A french movie. If you don't like movies that make you think don't watch this.

9- Marty (1955) and To Kill a Mocking Bird (1962): these 2 movies are considered among the best in history, but I honestly didn't enjoy watching them that much. Marty (winner of 5 Oscars) felt like an old Egyptian movie directed by Henry Barakat and To kill a mocking bird was "interesting" for me but couldn't relate much to it. But I heard the novel is wonderful!

10- Knocked Up and Borat (5th time): Very Very Very hilarious, but should be rated PG-30. Superbad is also hilarious but not as good.

As you know, people have different tastes. A movie that I can think EVERYONE will find amazing is the 6th sense. I've seen its end more than 10 times and every time I get surprised lol.

OK that's enough for now, back to cooking fried beans with Mexican eggs.


lost within said...

I really really need to watch the godfather ! it gets really annoying when people start quoting w ana zay el atrash bel zafh !!
and the 6th sense is awesome ! as to the rest of the movies I proudly haven't watched any !! lol

enjoy ur meal :)

Tallouza said...

Speaking of Godfather, have you seen the Karaki sequel?

Maher said...

I didnt like iron man too! :s

T said...

I've watched One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest and I consider it to be one of my favourite movies! :D

Sami said...

I've watched Godfather and the sequels, but did not find them interesting!

Anonymous said...

Check this...
I guess your predictions were quite right.

Anonymous said...
I mean this

Hareega said...

lost within.. you're still young, you got some time to watch them.

tallouza.. yep that was so good!

maher..thanks for sharing!

t.. thanks , someone agrees with me

sami.. Godfathers one is considered the best, II is still regarded as an excellet movie.

Anonymous can't have access to these sites now but I will later, walla law tele3 feehom eshi 3atel lal3an ha

Anonymous said...

Lol la tel3an huh wala heh
It's about a russian waitress/escort/watchamacallit who worked in aqaba. Apparently she got infected with AIDS and gave it to a good number of her costumers, her cellphone contained 200 contacts some of them are in really high positions, there was one case at least of one of her costumers transmitting the virus to his wife.
You're doing residency in infectious diseases right?
can't you make the word verification option include more letters? :D

Hareega said...

thanks a lot for the link, yes i'm doing ID, can deal with human infections but can't do anything about viruses within computers

starwish said...

I've seen most of what you have here but you MUST read "to kill a mockingbird" Its fab!

Anonymous said...

British isn't my main language, yet I could understand it while using google translator. Beneficial article, have them coming! Say thanks a lot!