Sunday, June 08, 2008

Euro 2008 kicks off

Euro 2008 kicked off today,
the toughest group in the first round is the one including Italy, France, the Netherlands and Romania. Only 2 teams in this group will make it to the second round.
I'm having a hard time to predict which team besides Romania will make it
That's right, I'm predicting Romania will make it to the 2nd round, and go all the way.
Another team that will do very well: RUSSIA.

Anyway, I'll leave you here with the most dramatic moment of Euro 2004, when France scored twice in over time to come back from behind and defeat England 2-1, and of course it had Zidane's signature written all over it.


caroline said...

I say Portugal has a real chance in euro2008.It has always been may favourite team and I am so happy they defeated the turks last night:)

Hareega said...

they played a great game, the second goal was a great one and reflected some really good team work. I think they have a good shot