Thursday, June 19, 2008

Van Der Fart

This is a hilarious video of a group of Netherlands' players sitting on the bunch. All but one smell something horrendous and they look towards the last player on the right, who was probably guilty of producing that smell. Strangely enough, that player's name is Van Der Vaart, with a V.

All of sudden the memories of working with Dr. Fuss came back to me.


neutron said...

That's just awful. I'm even beginning to feel embarrassed for the guy.

Maher said...

LOL! i saw it last night!
its so funny!

Hareega said...

yep, very embaressing !

Amin Matalqa said...

dude, what's your mailing address? E-mail me at


Tololy said...

Lol I must share this with a guy I know who roots for the Netherlands and has the hots for Van Der Vaart's wife.

Hareega said...

amin .. it's, i sent you an email

tololy... If Der Vaart is doing the same at home I'm sure his wife is looking for someone else: your friend has a chance!