Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hareega in a Southwest Wheel

I previously had a bad experience with Southwest airlines. Not a lost luggage or reservation cancelling, but a malfunction of a land gear about 15 minutes after takeoff.

I also previously heard of some flights landing in Arizonan airports especially Phoenix being cancelled because of the heat, due to concerns of too much friction occuring between the plane wheels and the very very hot ground.

I was still surprised and very anxious when a Southwest plane caught fire upon landing at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport yesterday. I had expected Southwest to fix their problems and whoever is running the airport in Phoenix to watch out for such possibility. I mean even if they thought it would be very safe for any plane to land they should have thought to themselves , "Yeeeah it should be safe but this is a Southwest plane that's landing. Watch out!"

P.S. Tomorrow I'm buying 3 tickets for me and my parents on southwest to go to Vegas in August. Mean temperature in Vegas in August: 39 Celsius.


Anonymous said...

Alla Ytamnak!!!

7aki Fadi said...

tab take another airline :p

(Tealover) said...

Ummm ... that's kindd of scary .. though my heartly wishes of a safe trip for you and your parents ... !

Hareega said...

all airlines suck these days

starwish said...

My last experience with Cathay Pacific was good. And the food was good too :)

I think the service at International Carriers are better.

Hareega said...

yep international carriers are much better, can't complain about them, Emirates seems to be a really good airline too.