Monday, June 23, 2008

Sorry For Football

Football is a game that was created by the poor, to make the poor happy, and without poor people it would have never existed and reached the level of popularity it did. That's the very main reason football has been the most popular sport on earth for centuries. The biggest giants of football (Maradona and Pele) were born and raised in extremely poor neighborhoods. Whenever a kid living in an underprivileged area any where in the world kicks a ball with his friends he's pretending to be one of those giants who were in his shoes (sometimes literally) and hoping he'd become like them one day. That's why it's more ,much more, than a sport. For many people it's one of their dream, if not the only one. You can answer with this whenever some idiots keep wondering why the world is crazy about football.

These people live in the filthiest places on earth, but that doesn't prevent from playing the game they love.
In the Arab world it's all the same. Kids play football anywhere and with anything. If a football ball is not available they would round anything to the shape of a ball and start kicking it in different directions. Egyptians use socks (el-koora sharaab)! In Jordan football is often the only thing kids do for fun , especially when they can't use electronics for entertainment, can't travel, can't swim, can't go to camps, and really can't afford to do anything else... but football.

Because it's the poor who made this game, it's the poor who deserve to watch it. You can make any show you want a luxury that only rich people can watch, but when it comes to football you're messing up with the wrong people. It's very sad to see how the poor neighborhoods that produced the greats of football in any Arab country being deprived of watching these games unless they put in some big amount of cash. Looks like gathering at the local barber's shop doesn't work these days!


Sophia said...

Yes, I agree with you 100%.

All arabs are frustrated from ART channel that prevented poor and middle class people to watch World Cup 2006 (and 2010, 2014)

But poor people also found many good methods:
A friend of mine living in Egypt, told me that ART directors are very very very mad about people stealing ART cable lines, and sharing it with neighbours. And because of the huge population there, the ART is not able to control or to prevent such phenomena.

Hareega said...

yeah i love it when ART gets pissed because they can't keep ripping off people more.
El 7ajeh omm el ekhtira3, when there is a will to watch the games you will find the way
I even starting hating people who work for ART

starwish said...

I like playing football! Though it has been ages since I last played it in secondary school. I used to love playing it with my cousins, until we all grew up and became busy with our individual lives.

Hareega said...

starwish... keep on playing, it's a wonderful game!!