Monday, June 23, 2008

BESTest AWESOMest STRANGest Most CNNish News on Hareega

- Royal Jordanian made a party to honor some of its employees. There were 300 people invited although only 200 seats were available in the room.

- A group of Jordanian actors were attacked while shooting scenes for a new Jordanian series in Damascus. The policemen interfered and were able to stop the two horrible crimes: first the attack and secondly Jordanians still attempting to shoot another Jordanian series.

- This is the Russian goalkeeper Akinfeev. Many observers admired his great performance against Holland although he is very very young, and he got his first international offer today: to be adopted by Angelina Jolie.

- Germany will play Turkey in the semi-finals of Euro 2008. I believe the last time the Germans and the Turks gathered on the same field was in World War One.

- The movie "Love Guru" opened last week. In the movie Mike Myers is an Indian. Many Indians found this movie very offensive to them. There is still no word yet on whether or not Dubai will do anything about it.

- Jordanian police yesterday arrested a group of people who were issuing fake credit cards. Police became suspicious when some cards had "ma3aksh fratet 3ashar leraat" printed on some of them.

- Jordan defeated Turkmenistan today in their last game in World Cup qualifications. The number of Jordanian fans in the stadium in Amman exceeded all expectations: they were almost the same numbers of people watching the Italy-Spain game in the nearby cafe.

- A Jordanian man died at the age of 118. His age was verified when he mentioned just before his death that he used to live at a time when people used to shawerma and falafel without fear of food poisoning.


Anonymous said...

the second one is the best.

Ghassan Yonis said...

MAN.. that was one of the best blog posts I read for a wile.. but seriously, why there's no way to subscribe to your blog (via RSS I mean)!

Hareega said...

ghassan I don't know what RSS is. If you do please tell me what is it and what's good about it it. Is there a way I can make it work?

Ghassan Yonis said...

RSS allows people to subscribe to your blog posts.. see the subscribe link in my blog: (on the right)

that way, when you post a new post, people will see it on their news reader (or even their google home page), not sure how this is doable in blogger platform.. wordpress platform is more professional and have many options.. if you live in amman give me your email and I'll send you my number to help you move your blog to wordpress.. none of your old posts or comments will be lost btw.

Hareega said...

thanks a lot ghassan, unfortuantely I don't live in Amman but I've been thinking for a while on moving my blog to word press, was worried I would lose all my old blogs, but since this isn't the case I may do it when I have time next week. Thanks a lot for replying