Monday, December 12, 2005

Together in the University of Jordan, 35 years ago!!

If by any chance you studied in the University of Jordan in the early 1970s, you probably came across those 2 faces without knowing them.

One is Abdullah Azzam, a professor in Islamic Law , who later became Osama Bin Ladin's spiritual mentor.

The other is John Abizaid, who was attending the Univeristy of Jordan during that period. In 2003 he became the Commander of the US Central Command.

I guess you can tell from the pictures which is which!

Such contradictions!


Sabri Hakim said...

how odd! there must be a picture out there with both of them on it.

Anonymous said...

What's a jordanian doing as a the Commander of the US Central Command?

Anonymous said...

He's American of Lebanese origin

Wael Attili said...

Sob7an Allah.. Ya zalameh hal denya 3'areeba 3ajeebeh

Solomon2 said...


Anonymous said...

Sabri.... haha man maybe who knows? Well who knows 35 years from now what might happen, maybe college buddies will become tomorrow's enemies!

anonymous... as onzlo said Abizaid was born to Lebanese parents. He's not Jordanian.

Atilli, shayef balla

solomon2, very neat indeed!

Madi said...

Hareega! it's very interesting news indeed.
What's your source?

Anonymous said...

Jad... their biographies

lulu said...

I wonder what Abizaid was doing in Jordan! I always wondered about his background - when I would see him giving updates from CentCom (Central command) in Iraq I was so curious as to how a guy with an Arabic last name could be in that position. Interesting!

Anonymous said...

lulu. after he eft Jordan he joined Harvard and spent the rest of his life in America. Just being a Harvard graduate enables you to be in a very good position wherver you go, and anyone who joins Harvard probably has some connections ... all these count.

Blogger said...

Well General AbuZaid came to Jordan to learn ARabic!
So I guess when he does speak Arabic it will sound Jordanian!
He's of a Lebanese origin.

I don't see much of contradicitons!
I mean in UofJ u'll find the fully covered women, and on the other hand u'll find some Goths!