Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ten moments you can't forget...

I had two entries from previous years , one from 2006 and the other this year about some ten fantastic moments in the World of Sports.

Here are ten moments in sports that made the whole world stand up, here they are in random order

1- The Arabian boy reigns over Europe

It was the final game of the Champions League in 1987. Rabah Madjer of Algeria played with Porto against Bayern Munich. Bayern was ahead 1-0 until Madjer scored this awesome goal with his heel. He later gave the assist that helped Porto win 2-1 and advance. Whenever a player is said to have "madjered" the ball, that would be in reference to this goal by Rabah.

2- Magic Johnson makes an announcement.

Magic Johnson, the LA Lakers star, the MVP, known all over the world, announces his retirement from basketball because he tested positive for HIV. Many people thought he would die, but he took medications and is still alive today giving inspiration to HIV positive patients.

This is the clip from 1991

3- Pele scores goal number 1000

4- Morocco hits

Morocco made it to the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. They had great performances, drawing 0-0 with England and Poland then defeating Portugal 3-1. They become the first African (and Arab) team to make it to the second round of the world cup.

Badu al-Zaki, Khairi, Karimo.... they were magic
here's a clip from Moroccan TV of their triumph over Portugal , sorry for the quality

5- How dumb can you get??
Can a player miss three penalties in one game?? Argentine Martin Palermo answered positively in 2001 when he missed 3 penalties against Colombia in Copa America. Colombia won 3-0!

6- Winning two battles.
Lance Armstrong was a cycling champion. He was diagnosed with testicular cancer that had spread all over his body, the brain included. He received treatment and came back to cycling to win the Tour de France (which is like the World Cup in other Sports) SEVEN times, a world record.

Here's a short clip about him

7- Jordan to the World Cup
Jordan defeated China 2-1 to qualify to the Youth World Cup that was held in Canada last summer. Man, that was something.

Here's a clip with Khalid Ghoul's commentary

8- Jordan defeats Iran in Tehran
Another Jordanian moment, of gold. In the World Cup qualifications in 2004, Jordan played Iran, a team that is virtually unbeatable in Tehran. Most experts expected a wide-margin victory for Iran.
We won 1-0. That was a great day.

9- Muhammad Ali gets back his gold medal.
Muhammad Ali won the gold medal in the 1960 Olympics. He lost his gold medal somewhere! He later became a professional boxing player and the most famous boxing champion.
36 years later, in the Olympic games in Atlanta and in the half-time break in a basketball game, Ali was given a gold medal in place of the old gold medal that was lost. That was a great moment for this boxer.

I wasn't able to put the video here, so you have to click here to see it.

10- Owairan Sensation
Saed Owairan the Saudi player made this long run past 4 Belgian players and scored this magnificent goal in the World Cup in 1994. It lead KSA to a 1-0 victory and booked them a place in the second round.
Watch this


I hope you liked this selection,


Anonymous said...

Hahaha. Khaled el Ghoul always adds the extra "spice" to the games!

Hareega said...

yes he does, i like him!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic meal of sport. Can you make such posts on quarterly basis rather than annual?

Hareega said...

Thanks a lot Batir, I'll try to , it's not that easy, I can think of many of these moments but often cannot find the clip

Anonymous said...

Your soccer posts keep my up to date lol.. ( I only watch el world cup :S)

Blogger said...

Nice post! 3eedha...

Bas abu 5, shu gustu hath?
Wasta? Abu wazeer wella drug lord be Colombia?

Anonymous said...

Fantastic selection! I love it.
Maybe you should add the match where Saudi lost 8-0 to Germany. That was a classic too :)

Thanks for sharing Hareega... I love it!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Yes I did!! Thanks!

Hareega said...

batoul, will keep you updated! the next world cup is in 2010 !

Firas... ana 3aref! habeeleh! HE still plays to date I saw him in Phoenix last summer

Qwaider, thanks man, maybe in another post i'll mention that, i'd like more to talk about the happy memories!

ziad, you're welcome dude, thanks for checking

Maher said...

One Moment that i cant forget (for Us Jordanian) is the penalty kicks against Japan.

the other moment that i am sure everyone is going to remember is Messi's Goal against Getafe..

Maher said...

btw do you whats the name of the commentator who comets on the Palermo's Video?

Hareega said...

maher... not sure of his name, his voice is very familiar though!

I sometimes liusten to MArio Kempes the top goalscorer of the 1978 Mundial commentating on some international and Argentinian games!

Anonymous said...

You haven't posted in a while. I hope that everything is okay with you. We miss your intellectual posts, and look forward to more!

Blogger said...

Weenak ya garabah?

Hareega said...

Zaid d and Firas, thanks a lot for checking, just got a bit busy with work.

Anonymous said...

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