Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Beware of Nothing

So the not-so-Great Britain is warning its citizens of terrorist attacks against the UAE.
Why didn't anyone warn us of the Amman attacks in 2005?
How about the Sharm el-Sheikh attacks?
The several attacks in Saudi Arabia?
London? Yes London! How come they know more about what's going to happen in Dubai while they didn't have a clue the London attacks were going to take place.
The US Embassies in Africa?
And how about 9/11 ?

Do they just warn us from the attacks that will not happen?


Anonymous said...

i don't know if this is an argument that you could make. Obviously anti-terrorism measurements have enhanced alot recently .. and security monitoring has been heightened.

Hareega said...

Security is different than inteliigence. For some reason we have an assumption that Western intelligence is very good whne in fact it's garbage. How can something as HUGE as 9/11 happen without anyone knowing about it (or so they claim), or the CIA to pull something like a link between Al Qaeda and saddam. Then the British intelligence and the London attacks. Then all these attacks in our region without anyone warning us about them.

Even those Al Qaeda suspects who were captured were caught because of the local intelligence officals especially the Pakistanis.
I know that Dubai may be a target of terrorist attacks but claiming that right now it is more of a target than before is something difficult for me to buy. I stopped trusting these "terror alerts"

Madi said...

yer7am ayam James bond, Rambo, Hboob el ree7, law lisat-hom mawjodeen ma sar eli sar