Wednesday, October 29, 2008

El Diego

This is great. Diego Armando Maradona was appointed the new coach for the national team of the 2010 World Champions, Argentina.
On paper, Maradona is the worst kind of coach that any country can have. Despite being the best player in any sport that ever existed on any planet, his life afterwards had nothing remarkable in the world of football. His coaching experience was a disaster. He absolutely has no qualification to become a coach for any national team and I'm absolutely ecstatic that he has become the coach of my favorite team.

Why? Because he's Diego Maradona.
That's good enough.


mab3oos said...

this is a surprise. Although news reports mentioned many times his lack of experience and damaged reputation, I think he can add a lot of fan fare to the team. GO Messi.

kinzi said...

yawn...Hareega, all that time no blogging and TWO sports posts??

At least, I learned something new :)

Anonymous said...

I am not sure how logical this decision will turn out to be. Regardless of experience every coach needs to enforce descipline and gain respect from the players. However, Argentina will most likely qualify for the World Cup and we will see in the next 8 matches how he can introduce a new impetus to a very talented team or cause defragmentation.

Hareega said...

maf3oos.. it was a bit surprising to be honest, but adds a lot of excitement to the team

kinzi... sport posts are easy, I just have to brag how great my favorite team is and that comes out naturally!

batir... it won't only be Maradona who's gonna lead the team, Bilardo and Batista (Argentina's coach during the last Olympics) will be managers and I assume that they will really manage the team. Let's wait and see and hope for the best!

Sharkooseh said...

i heard this news on tv this morning and they said almost same thing, anyway good luck for them, as they need it :P

Devilstine™ said...

yeh thats good enough!

Hareega said...

thank you sharkooosheh

devil... good enough