Thursday, October 16, 2008

I Have Genital Herpes

....not really, but that would be less painful than watching Leonardo Di Caprio speak Arabic.

The movie "Body of Lies" isn't bad at all, here are some things I noticed in the movie that a director like Ridley Scott should have consulted someone about (with very little spoilers):

1- I was glad to know that the main character's name in the movie was "Faris". It was very disappointing to see the spelling was Ferris. I know Americans screw my name on daily basis but to take this to Hollywood was not expected.

2- It's very rare for an Iranian nurse to work in a Jordanian governmental hospital. And the uniform she was wearing is something I've never seen in Jordan, at least since the days of Al Manahel.

3- It's not socially wrong for women to shake hands with men in Jordan. Even the women who don't shake hands with men don't consider it outrageously shameful for other women to do so.

4- With all due respect to our Jordanian Intelligence, I don't they can refuse to communicate with the CIA or offer protection to any of their agents if he was being chased away and beaten up in the middle of the desert.

5- The Arabic in the movie, oh the Arabic. This is not the first Arabic movie Hollywood produces and they haven't learned yet that the Arabic being used in the movie is not really Arabic. Other than "Eben el Kalb" I didn't understand any Arabic in the movie.

6- I know the movie isn't supposed to serve as a tourism ad for Jordan, but Jordan looked really like one big ugly place in it. And that wasn't even Jordan. It was Morocco, some ugly place in Morocco.

7- How on earth did Jordanian policemen cross borders to Syria? I'm expecting a political crisis between Jordan and Syria for the next 400 years just because this movie suggested we did.

Ok I'll cut Scott some slack, he's not supposed to know these very details, although he's supposed to hire someone who knows them. And that Arabic of Di Caprio, man ..... it's torture.

Anyway, thanks guys for reading- shoookarran ala al keraaa'a
Good-bye: Ahhassalaham ooooo halaykooooom


Anonymous said...

i had an iranian friend who wathced the movie and was very surprised that they chose an iranian nurse to be working in a jordanian hospital...and i was too!maybe a philipino nurse would be more like it.I have to watch it yet,but dicaprio speaking arabic will be interesting,maybe as bad as a jordanian actor speaking english:)

asoom said...

I thought it doesn't come out till Friday. Anyway, I don't think I've ever seen a movie with Leo D. in it that I thought was bad.

Watching this will be the first thing I do as soon as I get anatomy out of the way in a week.

Anonymous said...

LOL!! what's the name of the movie??

Hareega said...

Body of Lies

Sharkooseh said...

oh! i dont know the movie but am really glad ur wrote about it :D
now i had an idea about it :D

Anonymous said...

I saw Syriana, Rendition, and Munich.
In terms of how close the movie was to the Arabic country it was supposed to show I'd say Munich was the best.
In rendition they didn't mention the name of the country, but apparently it was supposed to be Egypt, however again it was filmed in morocco and there was absolutely no resemblence between the site they picked and Egypt.
Syriana was in between, but the recruited arabic speaking actors for the main Arabian roles.
I haven't seen "The Kingdom" but I'd expect it would be worse than all of the above.

Anonymous said...

lol i thought i didn't understand the arabic because my arabic is not the strongest. I'm not alone.

why did they make the nurse Iranian? is that supposed to make the movie more diverse? couldn't she just be a local Jordanian? hmmm is that a hard concept.i guess that was missed by the writer.

Hollywood doesn't do the greatest job in portraying the middle east, the people, or the culture. with all their intelligence and research, you would think they would do a better job.

I did like the fact that Dicaprio went back but he should never attempt arabic again! Did he really need to speak it? in jordan people are more fluent in English than Arabic these days!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Equally surprising is that the Iranian nurse was named Aisha...even sunni Iranians would never name their daughter Aisha

Anonymous said...

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