Saturday, December 27, 2008

MiiiiiKRO - BLOGGING: Mekkarren Mefarren Mokbelen Modberen Ma3an, Ka Julmoodi Sakhren Hattaho Assaylo Men Ali.... Ali.... Yaaa2

-It's always good to know that obesity was once considered a sign of physical beauty. I always felt that had this been the 17th century I would be voted People's magazine Sexiest Man Alive.

- The name of my country in English should have been Ordon and not Jordan. It really sucks whenever I'm looking up Jordan on google or youtube and the first 1000 results are those of basketball player, a tooth brush or some stripper.

- I watched the movie Slumdog Millionaire. Never imagined that Geroge Kirdahi was such a moron. Also, taking dancing out of Indian movies makes them really good, despite shortening their duration from nine hours to three.

- The movie events take place in Mumbai, and 200 people die in it. It's not about the recent Mumbai events, it's just another regular Indian movie with 200 people dying in it.

- I performed the first stool transplantation in the hospital. It felt a bit strange how I discussed the procedure with the infection control nurse over lunch. Specifically, while we were eating mashed potatoes we were talking how she was able to crush human feces and place them in the rectal tube. Mashed potatoes never tasted so good.

- I haven't decorated my house for Christmas. I heard there's a very big sale on Christmas decorations next week so I'm waiting for that. Can't believe those idiots who bought all the decorations earlier in the month.

-Women are bad drivers. Period.

- Have you ever wondered who are the adults with the maximum amount of mental retardation ever known to mankind? I can answer this question from a medical standpoint. It's those adults who still forward you emails with some good-luck messages and warn you that your house will be on fire if you ignored the email.

For those morons I'm telling you, I was inspired to write my blog from an angel, and if you don't copy my 3-year old blog and forward it in one email to 20 people, you're going to get rectal cancer, your mother will get syphilis and your father will be raped by a guerrilla continuously for 16 years. Forward now.

- Conan O'Brien : "People are still discussing the shoe-throwing incident at our president. ... It was reported today that the Iraqi journalist who threw the shoes at President Bush had his arm broken when security subdued him. And even worse, it was his shoe-throwing arm. That guy is out for the season."
-People usually take something to read when in the bathroom unloading their duty. Some people like this habit and may even start taking 2 or 3 magazines. As for me I'm currently in the process of building a library with 4 shelves, Wi-Fi, with a small table for coffee or tea.

- People who still believe in signs need to go to rehab. The only sign I believe in is the middle finger and it will be up in your face the next time you ask me what my sign is.

P.S. I always post pictures of very hot women from around the world. To show my patriotism I decided this time to display some Jordanian beauty on my blog. This picture is breath-taking, I really went "haaaaaa2" and my heart paused for 5 seconds the first time I saw it.


Unknown said...

The problem to me with reading your posts, I have so much to comment about and I've laughed so much that I feel like nothing could be more to comment than the reaction lol.
but LOL@ your fwd. msg!
I agree about Jordan. yumm, mashed potatoes hahaha

Anonymous said...

it gave me a good laugh :D

conan O brien is my hero, LOL at the photo :P

mab3oos said...

very funny Dr. thanks for the laughs. But I thought it would've been a pic of Gisele since she just got engaged!

Anonymous said...

and I thought I am the only one who takes the NYT to the restroom :) The last time I read a hard-copy newspaper outside a restroom was may be a decade ago. Keep reading inside the restroom, feels soooo good :)

Anonymous said...

you are unbelievably hilarious :D

Adoosh said...

It's even worse when you search for "Petra"

I wanted to look up some good pics for Petra, so I went to deviantArt,co and searched it, and guess what? The Majority of the results are for hot naked models!

w loool @ the discussion u had over lunch with the nurse :D

maroo said...

what shall say about all of that other than "Dmak zy el sukkar" , u make me laugh kter ...
loooooooooooool :D
i will choose you as my favorite blogger Dr :)

Farah said...

you crack me up dude!

Devilstine™ said...

yeah... right!

Anonymous said...

So this is how Jordanian men look in drag? Impressive! Funny post

Deeeeeee said...

HAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAA!! YOU CRACK ME UP!I always wonder why Misr is Egypt though!

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