Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Once Again

I haven't said anything about the events in Gaza, because I didn't feel like copying and pasting. I could have gone back and copied anything from the war on Lebanon, the six-day war anniversary, Israel's 60 independence anniversary, or whatever I've blogged after one of the Israeli massacres. I'm pretty sure that I will, in the near future, be looking for this post, copy it and paste and with little editing make it suitable for another Israeli massacre that is bound to happen as long as the state of Israel continues existing.

Whatever is happening in Gaza now will end after some time only to happen again later, maybe in Gaza, or in some other Palestinian city.

Some people blame Hamas for these events. I think Hamas was terribly stupid in throwing those lousy rockets. It's just dumb to seek a war when you have no chance of winning, and yes Hamas had no chance of liberating an inch of Palestine by throwing these rockets. Those rockets were the perfect gift for Israel to start something that it had done extremely well since its foundation: play the victim and express its right to "self-defence", and telling Americans, "If San Diego was attacked by rockets from Tijuana wouldn't you respond?"

However, attacking a terror state should not be called terrorism, and whatever unreasonable goals that Hamas had on its agenda should not make it an justification for people to blame it. With all my sorrow and grief for the hundreds of victims that died and are still dying from the recent attacks, this tragedy doesn't even compare to the tragedy of losing a whole nation and worse, its division upon itself. I'm not sure what is the solution to this current problem, but that's why we have politicians, that's why we pay them very good salaries, so they can figure out problems for such crises, and I'm afraid they're not doing their job.


KJ said...

No, they're not doing their job. I think civilians are doing a better job than the politicians.

Hani Obaid said...

What pisses me off is Hosni Mobarak's speech saying he won't open the Raffah crossing to allow supplies, food and medicine into gaza because that would be falling into Israel's trap.

Is this guy for real? Has he gone senile in his old age ? or is he really that stupid ? or perhaps he thinks the Egyptian people are that stupid to believe a single word? Well they're not, and neither are we.

Opening the crossing would defeat the whole purpose of the Israeli blockade. Nothing would upset Israel more. There's nothing even close to an Israeli trap there.

Having said that I couldn't agree more with your post. Hamas was really stupid in firing those rockets. i had written about it the last time they did this:

The most obvious thing is the numbers, 400 Gazans Vs. what 4Israelis ? A death ratio of 100 to 1 ?! What were they thinking.

What makes it worse is that Hamas actually guaranteed an election victory for the Israeli government that was desperate for an excuse to prove it is not weak.

Anonymous said...

I understand your disappointment Hareega. I agree with you. I think that shooting these Hamas "rockets" (or as i call them .. flying pipes) was an incredibly stupid move. I blogged about it a couple of days ago and have received a bunch of grief from people (as expected). But surprisingly some were supportive. Maybe common sense is making a come back.

But you know what is sad. It is a cycle of violence. This attack will only motivate more people to respond back with rockets or other missions. Then Israel will make another big attack killing even more hundreds of our Palestinian siblings .. and it goes on and on.

Israel is vicious in its attacks, but i think we Palestinians need to think more about the long term consequences of our actions. Specially that we are the weaker side and that the world continues to turn its blind eye and deaf ear to our suffering.

Unknown said...

no one can disagree that the Hamas rockets are practically useless, but is anyone seriously believing that israel's attacks are in response to those "flying pipes".. since when does Israel need an excuse to attack? did they have one for the jenin camp massacre, or did they need an excuse to wipe out entire villages and occupy the country 60 years ago?!!
so ya, Hamas are not that smart in their tactics, but this is NOT about Hamas, its about finishing the job they started 60 years ago..

Anonymous said...

غبي كل من يعتقد ان صورايخ حماس هي سبب المجزره

اللي بقرأ اللي انت كاتبه بيفكر ان اسرائيل كانت قبل صواريخ حماس ترش الفلسطينيين بالورود طيب يا سيدي مهو كان في تهدئه في غزه لقبل المجزره بيوم وحماس لم تعاود اطلاق الصواريخ الا بعد الهجوم

الموضوع وما فيه ان الانتخابات الاسرائيليه على الابواب ودائما بسبب طبيعتهم الحيوانيه اليهود لازم يقومو بمذبحه للحصول على الاصوات واليوم الامير الحسن اللي فاهم اسرائيل اكثر من اي حاكم عربي وضح هذه النقطه

بعطيك المثال الاول وهو مثال مجزرة قانا اللي ارتكبها بيريز من اجل الوصول للسلطه وانتفاضة الاقصى الثانيه اللي اشعلها المجرم شارون تمهيدا للحمله الانتخابيه والان الدور على ليفيني

صواريخ حماس لم تقتل خلال سنه سوى 4 اسرائليين .. و لا تطلق الا على صحراء النقب الفارغه

الموضوع وما فيه انو اسرائيل ما بدها ذريعه لقتلنا والدليل المجازر اللي ارتكبوها من عام 1930 الى اليوم

هلا المشكله ان ناس متلك وللاسف صدق الدعايه الاسرائيليه
وبلش يروجلها وبهيك بيعطي مبرر وشرعيه للمجزره

هلا بالنسبه لموضوع الصواريخ اللي مش عاجبك .. بحب اذكرك ان احنا بدينا انتفاضتنا بالحجاره
انا مش عارف اللي بطالبو حماس بأيقاف الصورايخ ايش بدهم بالزبط ؟؟
يعني اذا عندكم سلاح نووي يا ريت
تزودو حماس فيه بلكي حلينا المشكله والا هو بس حكي عالفاضي !

احنا طول عمرنا بنقاوم ورح نضل نقاوم لانو هم هدفهم الاساسي ابادة اخر واحد فينا ولكن احنا انشاالله سنقاوم حتى اخر فلسطيني

موضوع ثاني.. غبي كل من يعنقد ان السيايه هي من سيحل القضيه الفلسطينيه اليهود اخدو ارضنا بالقوه ولن يعيدوها الا بالقوه لانهم ما بيعرفو غير منطق القوه

وبرجع بذكرك انهم قتلو في 2008 1000 فلسطيني
مقابل 4 خنازير

Hani Obaid said...


That's the whole point, the original intifada with kids throwing stones drew sympathy because stones aren't exactly a military weapon.

Whereas a pipe that looks like a military rocket but is as effective as a stone is a different story.

It's quite the opposite, we do not believe the Israeli propaganda machine which claims that these rockets are dangerous enough to justify their current military operations which are more like an extermination, but the point is the rest of the world does believe it.

We also no that the rockets weren't the first violation of the truce, but the Israeli blockade suffocating Gaza and its people is.

Of course Hosni Mobarak is helping Israel enforcing its blockade by not agreeing to keep the Rafah crossing open (Egypt to Gaza, not the reverse).

So Hamas is blockaded by Israel with help from Egypt. Meanwhile any Hamas supporter who protests in Ramallah get's shot by the Palestinian authority.

Since when do Arabs and Palestinians help Israel against other Palestinians ?

Even with all of that, Hamas still made a big mistake firing those rockets in the same way Hizbullah was in error when it kidnapped those soldiers at the border raining $2.7 Billion worth of devastation on Lebanon.

As a matter of fact each Qasam/Grad rocket kills Gazans not Israelis.

Anonymous said...

"with kids throwing stones drew sympathy"

انت انسان غريب .. اول اشي احنا ما بدنا تعاطف من العالم .. ايش جابلنا هدا التعاطف غير مزيد من القتل والدمار

بعدين انت يعني بدك الفلسطينيين يضلو يقاومو بالحجار ؟؟

انا اصلا لما قرات الكومنت تعبتك على مزبلة نزار عرفت بالزبط انت وغيرك كيف بتفكرو .. انت بدكم المقاومه تتوقف نهائيا وما نضرب حتى حجر واحد على اليهود .. المطلوب انو يحبسونا في سجن كبير في غزه ويقطعو عنا الكهربا والمي والدوا والغذاء واحنا مطلوب منا نموت بهدوء وحتى بحجر ما نقاوم

اظن احنا متفقين ان لا الصواريخ ولا غيرها هو سبب الهجوم الموضوع وما فيه الانتخابات الاسرائيليه القادمه وطبعا تقاطعت مصالح اسرائيل مع مصالح النظام المصري اللي يرغب بالتخلص من حماس

.. صدقني اهل غزه ما بدهم من حد لا معلبات غذاء ولا مكلابس باليه

وما بدهم تعاطف من المجتمع الدولي .. اللي بدهم اياه فقط دعم معنوي وايمان بقضيتهم العادله وبمقاومتهم

الفرق بين الفلسطيني الحقيقي وغيرو كبير

الفلسطينيين المقاوميين هم اللي اخذو على نفسهم عهد القتال حتى النهايه .. والهدف مش تحرير الضفه وغزه .. الهدف هو تحرير كل فلسطين من النهر للبحر .. طبعا المتخاذلين والجهله والمثبطين رح يعتبرو ان هذا كلام فاضي وشعارات فارغه .. بس بحب اذكر الكال ان الصليبين احتلو القدس 400 سنه وفي النهايه صلاح الدين حررها .. اسرائيل ما الها الا
70 سنه يعني لسه الحرب باولها وان كانت هذه الجوله لهم فالجوله الثانيه لنا ان شاء الله

Hani Obaid said...

you are greatly mistaken. It's not about what we want, it's about what the Palestinian people are realistically capable of accomplishing, and militarily that's not much at all.

By using the phrase (fight to the end), you have made your thinking clear. This is where we disagree. I don't consider a fight to the end where all Palestinians are annihilated a victory, it seems that you do. If you take the military solution, that is the only possible outcome given what we have to work with.

We are no longer in the time of Salah Al-deen. Wars are no longer won by those with the greatest numbers, the most perseverance or the most powerful faith. They are won by those with the best technology, the most money, and allies, and right now we fail on all those counts.

Anonymous said...

Hani Obaidi,
Hey,,, i don’t know how i've came into this site and i am not interested to know, yet i passed by ur comments and i felt i have something to say whether u r able to read it or not, i just cant remain silent when seeing Arab person bearing "obaidi" family name says such trivial stuff!!!
at first i dont want u to get angry at me if u say tough words concerning that am ganna try not to do so; anyway, i dont know if it is frustration that makes u translate ur dark thoughts into such pessimistic words, its not really what Arab and Muslims need right away, war is almost over now and i want u to know that it is really victory to have "hamas" which is not a state or a republic or a country facing such a well armed militarily armed country supported by the worlds most powerful country , USA, this idea it self cant be considered but a victory that symbolizes glory and dignity that was lost 60 yrs a go.
if u or others think or believe that i is a stupid idea to have Hamas fighting against Israel for any reason whatever, i see that it is a great brave for population that believes in their rights and wills , if u were waiting for the right opportunity or time unit which Arabs may be united or the time on which Arabs maybe supportive to each other or the Arab conflict is ended, u must be dreaming of the vain, for such thing failed to happen all during the said 60 yrs ago, and if u were waiting to such a group in the middle east(around Israel)well armed militarily, u must be kidding me, its neither for the interest of Israel nor the us to have such a force in Arab world, for those specific countries wont allow such thing to happen, case they believe what is written there in the holy Koran, Torah and Bible, that Muslims shall be have the privilege and shall be overwhelming when united and stick to their religion.