Friday, May 08, 2009

Hey Saudis: Can you please.... Stop Raping Your Children?

The word marriage can let you get away with a lot of things, especially in the Arab world. It legitimizes sex between unmarried adults, prostitution, forcing a women into sex with her husband, and recently, it was clear to everyone how "marriage" was a way for low-life pedophiles into practising their sick paraphilias in a country that has the reputation of being very conservative, whatever conservative means these days in Arabia.

To define pedophilia, you have to define what a child is. There's an argument whether 16 or 18 should be the legal age of marriage. When the child's age is less than 15, the arguments start to fade away. However when you start arguing that children as young as 10 should be allowed to consent for marriage, you are an absolute moron.

We had a lot of strange practises in old times. A lot of other countries did. We are not in any way better or worse than most of them. However through the process of civilization nations started evolving into better ones. A major key in civilization is the well-being of all people living in a community, especially those who can easily be abused, like people from a certain ethnicity, religious background, women and children. Those groups had nobody to speak for them. Most nations who advance are the ones that pay attention to those little people.

In Saudi Arabia, there is nobody to speak for women or children. Raping a child is very traumatic, and it leaves them with terrible psychological consequences they will rarely ever recover from. For the little girl in the fifth grade, all what she can see and feel in those marriages is a man (usually an old guy) touching her genitals and forcing her into something very awful, very strange and impossible to understand for someone her age. It really doesn't make it any better when the government tells her that she's supposed to live with this abuser for the rest of her life, being under his command in whatever he does. Her only slavation would be if her man picks up another girl from the third grade to be his wife and let her go.

This is child rape. Do not spice it up. Do not defend it.


kinzi said...

Great post, Hareega. Thanks for standing for children's rights to be children, not pre-women.

Anonymous said...

How old was Aisha bint Abu Bakr when the prophet Muhammad married her?

Wasn't he the perfect Muslim? or is it so that his practices, and Islam aren't universally perfect?

MD said...

These stories make me look at the arab gulf as a place of freaks and mentally sick people. Some of them are too ignorant and sex-driven that they become the people they are now. What would you do if you have a lot of oil and endless money and some people to work for you in a dusty place that has no nice nature? if you are not raised well you would think of straight sex then sex with children.

Little comment to Nizars, Mohammad was ordered twice by God to be Aishas husband before doing it, still he couldnt do it easily, and waited more time to get engaged to her and then more two years to bring her to their marriage house. If he looked at her as a sex object (as some ignorants try to show) he would not have waited all this time. Later in Islam it was obvious why God ordered them to get married, Gods wisdom had its reasons. Prophets do things because they are ordered to. Moses wouldn't have gone to challenge Pharaoh if he was not ordered to do that, coz it makes no sense to him to challenge the highest power that existed. it is the same with Mohammad.
Still Islam is not universal, but I don't see how is this related here.

Tim said...


These issues never cease to amaze me. I agree that we have all had really weird practices in the past but I also agree with you that it is just sick. Thanks for bringing up the touchy issue with the awesomely bold title!

Unknown said...

Just because a girl gets her period doesn't mean that her body is physically ready to carry a baby! This is why so many girls in Afghanistan as well as other countries die during child birth! Aslo how a man can be sexually attracted to an eight year old is beyond me. I have a 4 year old girl and this is just sick. She is cute! Not sexually attractive! An eight year old can't even comprehend sex. This is something for mature adults and husband and wives to share not kids! Sick!

Hareega said...

kinzi, you're welcome. It's not even a pro-children right, just a very basic huamn rights issue.

Nizar, as I said I'm not going to discuss what happened centuries ago, there were a lot of practises that we should not be doing now. They seemed OK then but I'm talking about these days.

MD, thanks for the comment

Timmy, thank you! Have fun in the Middle East!

San Antonio Cicily, these men exist everyhwere, they're called PEDOPHILES. The first step a community should do is label them as pedophiles and keep them in jail, as opposed to letting them pick up the girl they desire and marry her.

Ali Dahmash said...

The world has changed and our lives have evolved. Muslims should do without changing their believes but those ugly ignorant practices make me sick to the stomach. Saudi Arabia doesnt represent the Muslim world and they shouldnt, what a disgrace they are.

Jay Kactuz said...

So it is Allah fault, then?
He could have found a nice 16-year old for his prophet, or a 21-year old or even a respectable virgin of 24. But no, Allah makes Mohammad sleep with a 8-9 year old girl - one that is still playing with dolls, if you have read the hadith.
Because of Allah and/or Mohammad, thoudands of little girls have had to suffer. Allah obviously hates little girls.