Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Most Fantastic Moments Ever

I had a similar thread last year and here is another of some of the most fantastic moments in the History of Sports, moments that will keep the most avid "Sport haters" watching, here they are in random, not in order, just the ten of them, all together.....

1- The Champion Dies Racing

Brazilian Aryton Senna was the world champion in Formula One, so popular that he started diverting his people from watching football into watching forumula one races. In 1994 he crashed his car in a race in Imola, Italy and died tragecially. Before his fatal accident he described the race circuit , "There are no small accidents on this circuit." Here's a short clip of the accident

2- Italy in 1990: Arrivederci
Italy hosted the World Cup in football in 1990 and seemed to be on its way to the final with great performances lead by 'Totò' Schillaci, Roberto Baggio and a record-breaking performance by keeper Walter Zenga. In the semi-finals against Argentina the final score was 1-1 and in the penalty kicks Argentina won after great saves from its keeper Goycochea.
Click here for a clip of the last penalty...

3- More than Perfect
Nadia Comaneci was the first gymnast to score a perfect 10 out of 10. Look at this clip and see how the score board was not set to give a score of 10.0 so it played 1.00, but the crowd understood that it was 10.0, the first perfect 10.0 in history.
She was 14.

4- Sex Bomb
Even if you're not into skating like I am, you gotta watch this. Evgeni Plushenko won the gold medal in the winter olympics in 2006 and was the world champion three times. Watch this outstanding and very creative PG-13 performance! This is one of the most hilarious things I've ever seen. Again, World Champion.

5- The Promised Land.... in Extra Time.
It was the Final Game in Europe's Champions League in 1999 between Byern Munich and Manchester United. The Germans were leading 1-0, the game was almost over , but in extra time two substitutes scored 2 goals from Manchester and the English team became Europe's champion. A real drama.

6- This man Eats Ears
I don't want you to get disgusted, but this was a shocking moment in Sports. Mike Tyosn bit off part of Hollyfield's ear on the ring and chewed it. Ewwwww. Glad it lasted only a few seconds. By the way tyson once said , "I wanna eat your heart, I wanna eat your children!" ... almost there.

7- Greece
Prior to 2004, you could have mentioned one thousand great things about Greece, but none of that would be their football team. In 2004 Greece, whose qualification to the final rounds came as surprise, shocked everyone and won the cup proving that anything whatsoever can happen in football.
Here's a clip of their winning goal in the final game against Portugal.

8- The Greatest Jump Ever
This is the best World Record ever set, most of us have not lived it. In the Olympic Games in 1968, Bob Beamon jumped for 8.90 meters setting a new world record that lasted for 23 years. As in Comanecci's case, the measuring device was not prpeared to record a number that high that time, so the referees showed three numbers which sum up to 8.90!!
Here's a clip of the greatest jump of all, colored!

9- The Hand of God

Maradona used his hand to score against England in 1986. The referee (Ben Ali) did not see the hand and gave him the goal. A few minutes later Maradona went ahead and scored the best goal in the history of football.

10- Ronaldinho's Special
This was in the Quarter-finals of 2002 against England. The goal speaks for itself.


I hope you enjoyed them......


Anonymous said...

Hareega that was a nice compilation. I have some other points to argue.
Maradona's second goal against England was not the greatest in history. The occasion was intense and billions watched it, but if your indicator is how many players he has went through I can recall george Weah receiveing a ball from a corner kick against his team (AC Milan) and then running the whole length of the field beating 7 players on his way to score against Verona in 1995. Maradona's goal was the best in the history of world cup but not the history of ffotball.
Maradona;s hand of God was a sisgrace and should not be labelled as "fantastic".

Anonymous said...

Batir, the occasion itself made it the greatest in history, a goal scored against England and scoring against Shelton made it an awesome one, maybe Weah wouldn't have scored his goal had it been English defenders (instead of Verona, by the way what's up with this team, i know they won the league some 20 years ago then they vanished), but who knows, it's hypothetical.

by sayin fantastic i meant significant, maybe fantastic wasn't the right word, i didn't enjoy seeing senna die for example

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Did you go to Terra Scanta in Jabal Weybdeh by any chance?
I think that I might have went to school with you.
Great Blog, just came across this a few days ago, keep up the great work.

Hareega said...

no man i went to orthodoziyyeh all my life,
do you mean nakhleh abu yaghi?