Wednesday, July 18, 2007

الكرك وأخواتها

وأنا قاعد ببحر في الأنترنت اكتشفت إنو الكرك لها مدينة شقيقة "صيصطر سيتي" هي بيرمنغهام في ولاية آلاباما الاميريكية

و بمناسبة هذا الاكتشاف أوجه التحية إلى إخوتنا الألباموية وعلى رأسهن الأخت كوندليزا الأرز والأخت العزيزة مونيكا من المسلسل الثقافي افريندز بنات مدينة بيرمنغهام

وتحية صادقة للكركية ومدينة الكرك والله يكثر من خواتها


Anonymous said...

hehehe ... sisiter city!!!
keef zabtat ma3ak hadi? :D
ana awal ma shoft sooret courtny cox ta7t el karak i was like HA??
LOOOOOOOOOL good one Doc.

Unknown said...

Good to know that. Is not Albama is the only state that allow cousins to get married? Well that is another similarity.

Anonymous said...

بيرمنجهام تعتبر مدينة الهنود والباكستانيين في بريطانيا وشو اللي توأمها مع الكرك.

Anonymous said...

as much as it has been a thorn in evil eyes, she's always a story of love and beauty. with all due respect to monica and condi, peace.. shefaa.

Hareega said...

maiouseh... hehe thanks

shifaa.. yeah there's a lot of common things between the South in the US and Jordan!

batir... if I see Birmingham's mayor i'll asl him :)

ziad m... indeed she was (why do you refer to her as she not he lol?

Anonymous said...

Batir: Dr Hareega was talking about Birmingham, Alabama. Also Birmingham is not really known as a hot bed for Asians unlike many other cities in the UK

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmm... I didn't get it!
I am from Kerak so i want to know Dr.?? :)

Hareega said...

wonders some cities have other sister cities , for no obvious reason, i was just picking on that