Saturday, July 21, 2007

No, I have the most popular blog

Just kidding, that is my real rank on Alexa

"Not in the top 100,000"
There seems to be a lot of competition among Jordanian bloggers on who's the most popular and which has the most traffic.

That reminds me when some teams in the the fourth division of the Jordanian league play with each other and the game would end up with a big fight and the referee would be assualted and some players get injured. At the end one team won but everyone will stay in the fourth division.

It was nice from Pulp magazine to mention Jordanian blogs when most Jordanians don't know what a blog is.

I'm glad there a few people checking this blog who read and respect what I say and leave some comments about things that they liked or didn't like. That's more important to me than numbers.


Anonymous said...

Fi 3ineina you are among the top ten Firas. Wala tiz3al! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes bro ... we respect!

Anonymous said...

Very wise words. I can imagine you in a Yoga position now. This is so true as each visitor counts and blogging is always a way of expressing opinions and reaching out with anothers.

Hareega said...

zaid d.... thanks man, my name is f-a-r-i-s
it's ok you're the 6675 th person to call me firas instead of fares, even non-arab speaking people do this mistake

qwaider, thanks man

batir... thank you man, I can't play Yoga, the only time i get very spiritual is when I think "Why is God allowing Brazil to defeat Argentina"
stay tuned with my my next post, you will hate it and hate me

Jameel Hijazeen said...

Hey! Talking about ranking and trafficing... I don't know whether you know or not about the gadget named "Google Analytics".
if (you know about it)
"Stop here! Ignore the rest!";
"read on";
It is a free service offered by Google(It would be part of your Google account! You know: your Blog, i google...) After ordering this service from google, you will be given some code which you are supposed to put inside the body of each post you send. Hence, you can get information on: the most visited page in your Blog, the average time spent in each page and in your site at all, the places where your visitors come from (As precise as the city!), and my most favorite one: "Traffic sources"!.

As biostatistics is a vital part of medicine, I believe that Blog-Statistics is a vital part of Blogging [;) ]! Don't you agree with me?!

Hareega said...

batir actually not next post, but something very soon will make you mad !

Anonymous said...

Tab kan sala7itni min zaman ya zalameh. wijji sar 2a7mar. Khatieh fi ragabti! Sama7! :)

Anonymous said...

I am not in the business of giving complements , it is a fact for me in person to comment on your blog which I find amusing, lively ,informative, and your sarcasm for me is a witty form of communication that captures me to be with you ,as if I have known you in person ,the Internet with all it's glamor and a wide fast means of communications ,at times some are forcing the generation antibodies as the side effect of miss using such a magnitude system of getting to gather to learn from one another .Reading for me is persevering the writer .
not short hand him in a package of easy alphabetical and numbers .You are among my daily favorites ,so I drop by almost daily ,my comments are left when I have one with a meaning .I admire the efforts you put for editing your blog ,yet medical internship is not a piece of cake . Salaams

Jundi said...

ya i saw a lot of ppl bloggin abt that .. honestly dude im not bein nice here ur blog is better than a lot of those ppl who made it to the list .. wallah jad

Anonymous said...

Hareega I am eagerly waiting for your post which I am certain will not make me mad, not of you for sure.

Anonymous said...

Faris Hareega.... we love you dude... all the way from spain...

Hareega said...

ziad... baseeta abu el zooz

nadim... I really appreciate what you wrote, thanks

jjundi thanks for the compliment dude

abu 3ajram, gracias amigo :)

batir... we'll see

Anonymous said...

o add.I like your blog, it deserves the click and to be stpped at when I have time to do..informative..amusing.

Hareega said...

Thanks a lot redrose