Thursday, July 12, 2007

Papa Don't Preach

The Pope is not just a regular citizen or an ordinary Christan who has the right to say whatever he wants anytime.
Everyone listens to what he says, everyone takes his statements seriously and sometimes very seriously.
His statements about Prophet Muhammad angered many Muslims last year and although I do not agree in any way with all the violence that came in response to these statements I'm surprised how a representative of the Catholic church allows himself to stir hatred and nonacceptance with a statements that nobody was expecting him to say.

Yesterday the Vatican announced that non-Catholic churches are not considered full churches, suffering from a wound because they do not recognize the primacy of the Pope.

I understand the conflicts and struggles that churches went through in the past, but it's difficult to me to understand why did the Pope come up with this statement that again, nobody was waiting or expecting him to come up with.


Anonymous said...,2933,288976,00.html

Ok, I was so angry when I heard about this. Then I decided I needed to actually READ what he had written as opposed to just reading what others said about what he had written. And... He doesn't say this at all. The link above is an article that lists what the Pope wrote and breaks it down. It was very helpful. I do think he certainly needs to be more cognizant of how his writings are going to be interpreted. Pope JP II did such an awesome job of bringing denominations together.

Hareega said...

emily why do you think he even wrote this document? And why doesn't he make it clear enough enough that nobody has to come afterwards to explain what he has just?

There was no reason for him to quote some non-religious figure from seven centuries ago to mention his opinion about Islam it would have been better if he did himself

Anonymous said...

I can't say why he wrot it. I only know that this is how he prefers to communicate. This is a lame analogy, but he reminds me a bit of my physics professor in college. He was former NASA scientist and had the hardest time bringing things to a college level.
I wish the Pope's adivsors would give him better advice, though. Even I, a mere 6th grade Catholic School teacher, could have told him not to quote ancient controversal literature and be more careful with what he writes!