Wednesday, August 08, 2007

قواعد أساسية

إذا ما بتعرف ترسم....فممنوع تطلع عالتلفزيون ترسم
وإذا عندك ضعف في مستوى الذكاء....فممنوع تطلع عالتلفزيون متظاهرا بالذكاء
وإذا عمالك تنتقد من يتكلم قبل أن يفكر فممنوع عليك يا أستاز تطلع عالتلفزيون وتبلش تحكي وتتفلسف قبل أن تفكر

قبل ما تطلع عبرنامج بتفرج عليه أكمن مليون بني آدم مش غلط تفتحلك كتاب تاريخ الصف الرابع بدل ما تحرج نفسك وتحرج معك مرتك وولادك وشعبك كله


Qwaider قويدر said...

I held Mutawwa3 in held him in high esteem wllah! Oh my god I'm so disappointed in him!!

Maioush said...

MAN!! this is crazy, I was in tears from laughing LOOOOOOOOOOOOL
el awal mashalla 3aleah abda3 bel sarem LOOOOOOOOL o el tani MESH TABEEE3IIIIIIIII LOOOOOOL ana motet de7ek :D la o ma bedo y'3amer kaman :D

Unknown said...

mota7allllllllllllllllllef hal sheikh,
sho had?? jad tele3 3al TV ??? maskharaaaaaaaaaaaa

thx for the share

Qabbani said...

OMG ...


7aki moqne3 men al 2a5er

The Observer said...

Hareega! You blog used to look better! I find now a bit difficulty reading your posts now!

Anonymous said...

Ya latif, ya latif..He should have applied what he's suggesting on himself.. The clip is dated back to 2004, did he change his mind since ??

Anonymous said...

We live in a wonder land !!!! in fact we live at a time to see such a paradox ,the miss concept of freedom verses knowledge ,and at times we think the elite are the ones with means ,aaaaaaah Ya Donia ,as we say in Arabic ,Sher_Albaliaht Maa You_dehk

Hareega said...

Qwaider... yep it's very disappointing, and very funny

maioush... ah 3abqari he wanted to save his life line for the next question!

amjad.. that's the one i found on youtube, there might be more embaressing ones

mqabbani... inshalla ma ykoon aqna3ak bass

noura.... do you think he changed his mind? you can answer that!

Anonymous... totally agree bro/sis

Observer... ya zalameh whatever I do people will tell me the design sucks, I noticed that a white background is the easiest to read and the most acceptable, and it gives a sense that your computer screen is larger :D

7aki Fadi said...

3indi bas su2al wa7ad... hada ilzalameh in the first vedio 7mar?

lol ... yee ana 7akait 2abel ma afaker ... kan azdi a7ki inno hada ilzalameh illi bil awal vedio is mutakhalef? ... LOL ... akh bas

7aki Fadi said...

By the way, the blog intro you had before was muuuuuuuch cooler about how you talk only about the 5 percent of the people..I used to love it and i read it to my hubs kaman. 7ashash min ildo7ok.

Anyhoo, you can't please everyone can you, i used to like your old template cos it's simple :) ... i7na sha3b ilta3jeez

Mohanned said...

hatha be9eer tgool 3anno 6abel aw 6romba :)

Anonymous said...

From experience I know that people rarely change..He seems to feel strongly about what he's talking about.. One can only hope,right??

Anonymous said...

LOL wow :P Reaching some new stupidity levels :D

Music to your Mood said...

The first guy is not only stupid but sexest as well..

the second guy: what can i say, if these people start marrying less & read more maybe they will be ok!!