Monday, August 06, 2007

In Arizona

The news reporter talking on this clip is reporting from a helicopter for a local news channel in Phoenix, Arizona. He was covering a live story of a man stealing some vehicles.

There were other channels covering this story live from theri helicopters. Because the helicopters kept changing position as they were follwing the thief, something bad happened.

Two helicopters of different news channels collided in the air and crashed.
There were four people abroad, they all died.


Anonymous said...

away from the subject ,check this link "Global Incident Map" it interesting :
Copy an paste please . When you click on the website link , a world map comes up showing what strange & dangerous things are happening right now in every country in the entire world & is updated every few minutes. You can move the map around, zero in on any one area & actually up-load the story of what is going on.

Unknown said...

:| awesomeee ..... i mean thats horrible
thx for the share man

Anonymous said...

That is terrible.. did this happen today ??

Hareega said...

nadim ... thanks for the link, i added it to my favorites

amjad.. i know, i was really hoping he would make it but he didn't.

noura.... it happened last week, i think on july 30th.

Anonymous said...

Dying for the news,I'm not sure a noble enough cause. Lord have mercy.

Hareega said...

Kinzi it's the most noble cause (especially when you're covering a theft or a police chase) however they died doing something they loved and I respect that. I feel more sorry for them, and somewhat amused how this collision happened. They were chasing the damn guy wherever he went, there were no rules about flying in the air, I can't even drive my car on the street without knowing where I'm going.