Thursday, August 23, 2007

Very Jordanian

This song isn't originally Jordanian, but it is now!

Late Fares Awad, we talked about him before


Unknown said...

thx for the laughs man really needed it this morning

lubna said...

6le3t ba3rafo la fares 3awwad,
now that i heard the song and saw his looks.

ama omar il 3abdallat, abda3 :P

Hareega said...

amjad... you're welcome, yeah ya sa3ed is a great clip !!

lubna... i think his song maltoosheh, it was an old khaliji song in the 1970s, he stole either the lyrics or the melody, maybe both!

Anonymous said...

fares 3awad was very kind as a pearson, and he had great songs. ( ya me9ouer 3aman and qathi el3athara)i love these two songs,

regarding ya s3ad,the song belong to a saudi singer, but omar made it famous.BTW most singers start by singing for someone george wasof,fadel shaker and the list goes on.

Anonymous said...

lols ya sa33333333333ad..i was in Spain in exchange youth prog. there was a team from Arab 48..they keep asking Jordanians to sing ya sa3ad and hashmi hashmi! :)

tks for sharing..ajat bi wa2ta..