Tuesday, June 30, 2009

BiMontly Video: Real Coca Cola Egyptian Ad

From the 1940s....!!

Is this Layla Murad singing? I couldn't tell


Whisper said...

It's toooo old

I think she is "Shadya".... I asked my dad :D

Summer said...

this is not Laila Murad, she looks more like Maha Sabri( you can google her) but it does not sound like her...she could be anyone just singing the commecial. interesting clip..maybe Nancy Ajram was inspired when she decided to make hers! thanks for sharing.

Hareega said...

Whisper... I thought of Shadia, but I wasn't sure she was around in the 1940s, but again I'm not exactly sure this clip is from the 1940s , it's just the youtube's reference

Summer... actually Nancy Ajram was inspired by an older Egyptian actress especially in her first song, I forgot who she was but I think it was Hind Rostom

Khalidah said...

Summer guessed it

She is Maha Sabri but very young, that's why she does not sound like herself, because she became known when she got older ...

Shadia was in the 1940's my dear ... very young ... but there no doubt :)

Hareega said...

Khalidah, thanks for the clarification, so that woman is officially Maha Sabri, not Shadia.

I know Shadia was alive, but I didn't think she was singing

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