Monday, June 01, 2009

Crazy Southwest

You can easily find many reasons to love or hate Southwest Airlines. I'm leaning more towards loving these days, mostly because they are the coolest airlines ever. No seating is required, they still do serve you refreshments, they don't charge you 15 dollars for each bag you check-in (which is the most insulting thing ever to any passenger), all their planes are 737s, and that thing above. This is a commercial for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit competition with the picture of a model on the body of the plane.

I guess the person sitting in seating 10F is having a bumpy ride more than the other passengers :)

Another example of their coolness:

and yes they are bitches for money, but everyone is.


jaraad said...

I have never flown on Southwest before. For some reason the cheapest air ticket I always get was from a different company. Man, the "bumpy ride" thing was hilarious. Now we can say this is a sexy airplane.

asoom said...

Is that Barr Rafaeli (sp?) spread out on that plane? I'd say she's really the bitch for money-enough of you already woman!

Solomon2 said...

"Flying colors" didn't save Braniff. Yes, I know Southwest is in better financial shape, and yes I know they are safe and cheap. But when I board their aircraft at BWI the cabin is absolutely filthy inside, and when I return I have to walk to the opposite end of the airport to reach the baggage claim area; the $15 Spirit charges per bag seems cheap by comparison. One thumb down.

Hareega said...

jaraad, southwest is usually more expensive than other airlines if you book the ticket within 2 weeks. On some routes it can be very cheap especially if you book it a month or 2 in advance.

asoom, yes that's her. The Swimsuit edition should be called : 25 Beautiful Bitches For Money

Solomon2, well it's 30 dollars when you fly round trip. I noticed that distant baggage claim thing in Vegas as well. I would still prefer to avoid paying the 15 bucks, I'm guess I'm a bitch for money too.