Thursday, June 04, 2009

Do You Want to Live Here? Bagdad, Nothing, Why?

Those town names are not only funny, but the story behind naming them is very interesting.


First, we have Nothing, Arizona. This is really a town called Nothing. The locals say that a bunch of drunk guys gave it the name in 1977!

This town was located at a point where 2 major freeways interesected in a Y-shape. They wanted to name the town "Y" but the state refused to give it a one-letter name, so they named it Why.
Here's a store in this town named "Why-Not"

It's a little strange to have a very small town of 3000 people in Arizona named Bagdad. It's basically a copper mine town, that was named after a son and father working in a mine long time ago, and the son asked the father, "Can I have a bag, dad?" Hence the name Bagdad (with the "h" missing)
All of these towns are located in Arizona. Never been to any of them, and not planning to do so.

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